Advice for San Diego trip

sf_rhinoNovember 19, 2010


I'm going down to SD in January for work and figured it would be a good opportunity for me to get my hands on some new tropical fruits/seeds/etc.

Any recommendations on places to go to gather or purchase interesting trop fruit or seeds?

I live in apt in SF and grow everything in pots...



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I'd recommend Ong, California Tropical Fruit trees, and Atkins nurseries. Don't go to Exotica it has become a wasteland.

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Definitely Ong's, Roger Meyer's?, I went to Exotica back in spring and they had tons of trees, has it changed? In Los Angeles, perhaps on you drive home stop by Mimosa, they have one in Anaheim too but I've never been to that one.

have fun,

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Roger Meyers is in FV in Orange County. I went to Exotica in Aug. and the place looks like crap, low on trees and the place is dried up. He should stop in Mimosa, East LA, don't even bother with the Anaheim location the original owner sold that one some years ago.

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if you want some Kampong Mauve sugar apple seeds for $3 shipping you can email me

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I second the notion of not going to Exotica. I stopped by that place couple weeks ago for the 1st time, I have nothing positive to say. The majority of their inventory (if you can identify them) are in really bad shape. Aside from the owner himself, no one knew much about the plants there. Now if you like the idea of sustainability and the jungle theme, then I can only say watch your steps. Plenty of dog poo to maneuver around.

Mango_kush: I know the offer isn't for me but would you happen to have extra Kampong Mauve sugar apple seeds? I'll pay for it


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Thanks for the advice. Mango K, thanks for the offer but I haven't had a sugar apple before so I wouldn't feel right about growing one. Tim, all yours :)

Are there any farmers markets around San Diego where I might go fruit shopping?

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newgen(9 Central California)

sf rhino: are you driving down to SD or flying? If you're driving, there are a few very good sources for tropical fruits in OC. They're in Westminster, just off the 22 freeway. If you're driving and are interested, let me know and I'll give you exact directions. I've bought everything from durian, jackfruit, rambutan, lychees, longans, guavas, dragon fruits, mangoes, mangosteens, .....

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If you are driving, you'd probably want to check this nursery out.
It is Hall's Plant Nursery, but in Temecula though.
Personally I haven't been there yet to give any reviews but if I need another tree, I would go there first next time.
They run ads on Craigslist everyday and their prices look ridiculously good.

If Simon is following this thread, he can give you pointers on the farmers market. He probably knew bunch of good spots.

I also agree with NEWGEN. Good quality tropical fruits are found in OC. I always buy fruits when IâÂÂm up there also.


Here is a link that might be useful: one of Hall's plant nursery ad on craigslist

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I'm flying this time but I may drive down that direction in the spring so I'll check out some of those places next time. Thanks everyone for all the advice!

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Yes, you could find great tropical fruits in Orange County i.e. 99 ranchmerket. For Nurseries it's San Diego. They have too many to mention but I want to keep emphasizing, don't forget Mimosa in East Los Angeles.

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Large portion of the fruits trees in the 99 ranch market (an Asian supermarket) are from Green Mart in Orange, CA. You can google it for its address and phone number. It has a web site, but not maintained. You may also check out the following link:

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I'd highly recommend Bonita Creek Nursery [David very cool and smart guy] and California Tropical Fruit Trees in Vista.

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I've only been to a few farmers markets and only saw tropical fruit trees at the Mira Mesa Farmers Market which is open on Tuesday's from about 3-7pm, times are approximate. I purchased my grafted Honeyheart and Dr. White cherimoya at the farmers market for $20.00.

99 Ranch market in Claremont Mesa also has some tropical fruit trees but very few. They have some Solo Papaya, un named Longan and usually some persimmion and a few other fruit trees.

Ong's nursery is probably your best bet in San Diego but the prices can be high.

Are there certain trees you are looking for?

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