I just gave away my first pound of worms.

sbryce_gwJanuary 23, 2010

My 2 bins are full enough that I can remove worms without effecting the population. I have been gradually moving a few worms at a time into a small bucket so I can offer them on freecycle. Well, a few days ago there was a request for worms. My first pound (plus or minus) was picked up a few minutes ago. I have rebedded the bucket, and will start the process over in a few days.

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lostmarbles18(8 southern Az)

That is so cool. At Christmas I was joking with my sister about giving her a pound of worms. I thought she would think I was crazy. Instead she wanted to know what to do. I went home and started a bin for her,and she will be down next month so I can give it to her.It just feels good to help a fellow wormy.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Way to go, sbryce! *cyber high five* I've set up wormeries for my sister & sister-in-law, but I had to buy worms to populate them. That's a great idea to gradually thin your herd. That probably encourages the population to grow also, so it's all good.


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Beat me to it! well done sbryce!

I know it's easy to hoard a herd (Hey! I look after anything I have spent money on! lol), but it is certainly a "by george I've got it!" moment when you realise that you can give away heaps of worms without effecting a well run bin(s).

Congrats mate!

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That's very cool sbryce. Spread the word!!!


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How nice! My freecycle won't let posts through that request worms, because they consider them pets.

I've gotten a couple of my friends interested, so I may be giving out worm condos for Christmas this year!

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"I have been gradually moving a few worms at a time "
If your worm population is good, and you want to increase your 'giving away' population faster, it can be worth moving more than a few at a time. Population increase slows right down as the bin population rises, but if you take a reasonable amount out at one time, the worms left get bigger and breed faster.

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