Where can I get a Breadfruit tree?

fmalmgrenNovember 4, 2009


I've been searching the web for too long to try and find a breadfruit tree. No luck... I love the taste and would very much like to grow one of my own. Does anybody know where or if it is even possible to purchase a Breadfruit tree in the US?

Thanks Everybody!


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I'm not positive, but I think they had some for sale at the Broward Rare Fruit and vegetable Council Sale a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if they have any more. You might contact Murray Corman at Gardens of Delight. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden of Delights/ breadfruit

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Andrew Scott

I would try Montoso. Just google Montoso nurery Puerto Rico. There are some nurseries in Hawaii that also sell them. I can't rremember the name, if you go to the mangosteen updated pic post, there is a link for Mangosteen seed. Check out that link, I think you may find it there. have you looked into its requirements? If you find one, email the grower and ask them if you need a male and female to get fruit. I was on a search for Nutmeg a while ago. I had my heart set on it, until I found out that I would either need a grafted tree with both sexes on it, or a hermaphrodite tree. I gave up because I was unsucessfull. Good luck!

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murahilin(10 fl)

Check Excalibur Fruit Trees in Lake Worth. They usually have both the seeded and the non seeded type. They should also have some larger ones in 25gallons or so.

Spykes grove in Ft Lauderdale has them too sometimes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Excalibur

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Wow! Thank you Hausman, Andrew, and Murahilin. These are great suggestions. I've been hooked ever since my wife took me to her hometown in Jamaica. This will go well with some jerk pork or chicken.

I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks again!


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I went to Excalibur. They have everything!

4-5' Breadfruit $130

Too bad they don't fruit until about 15'.


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Andrew Scott

Hey Fred,
I know it sucks to here that you have to wait awhile to get fruit from a tree. I know ha how that feels. The one big plus about the bradfruit is the leaves. I think they are ome of the nicest looking leaves. I like the shape of the outside of the tree leaf. I have been debating on what to do with my avocado tree. It is a beutifull Florida avocado. I don't know what hybrid it is, but I started it from seed about a year ago. Now I know that the odds of getting it to bloom and fruit are next to impossible, but I really like the shape and the huge bright green leaves. It is about 2.6 feet tall and about three feet wide. I pinched the tip wen it was about 1.6 ft tall. I have 3 main branches and several buds that will grow into branches. Another thing that I find attractive is the new bright red leaves. I knew when I started it I would be in this predicament but I honestly never have had a seed grown tree that survived and flourished. I planted this stone because the fruit was exceptional for being a Florida avocdo. Personally I like the Hass flavor better, but now and then I buy a smooth skinned avocado that is really good. I can't stand the slim cado. I don't understand why you would even wamt to eat one. They taste watered down. I am debating on buying a grafted one from Top. When I was in Tampa Home Depot, Walmart, just about every garden center had these trees. I know there is something with A and B type trees, but I can't remember which is which. I am sorry for taking over your post, but my original point was I know how it feels to have to wait for fruit. Like my caimito that Top said would fruit in two years. Not at the rate mine is growing! Maybe it would grow that fast in Miami! Well good luck with your new breadfruit!

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I like the Florida Avocado. It's really nice and smooth. It is indeed a beautiful tree. I would like to grow one of my own. Is the reason for pinching the top for the tree to branch out? What is the reason for planting a top graft? The Breadfruit tree is a nice looking tree. I remember the 20-30 footers in Jamaica with the trunk with a diameter of about four feet. The roots grow too wild. Now I would like some Pimento and Ackee.


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murahilin(10 fl)

Did you see the pimento and akee trees at Excalibur?

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Yes I did. They were bunched up together. They have quite a few to pick from. I had to pick a leaf and crumble it between my fingers. Trees look ok. With some breathing room they will be great.

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If you live in Miami there's a nursery called Pine Island Nursery where I have purchased all my fruit trees. I just purchased the bread fruit 2 for the price of 1.

The leaves are beautiful and I can wait for the fruit.

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Growing a bread fruit tree and that in SouthFlorida ! Good Luck on that. one cold front is enough to kill that tree,I lost a few after it got to certain size

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