something new with dormant paw-paw,s

persimmonbob(6b)November 23, 2010

I live in the Ozarks and there are plenty of wild paw-paw,s here. A couple of years i found a bunch of them by a creekbed and dug-up a few. These ones grew from exposed roots. I left some roots with the young plants and plant them a little different. I dug a hole a about 14"deep and stuck the root part straight down, fill it with decent dirt and then straightened the tree and than fill with dirt to finish. I then put a rock againts the tree to keep it straight-up. I did it with 8 tree,s and they all survive. This past spring i was able to graft sions from my exsisting paw-paw,s and were doing good till summer when drought struck and i did not water them sufficiently,but 3 grafts survived because they were under the canopy of larger plants.The failed grafts on the little tree,s show enough new growth to graft next spring.Last week i went back to the same creekbed and saw a bunch of new ones.Question,what am i going to do with so many paw-paw,s? How about a greenhouse full of mango tree,s as my next project!

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Update us with pictures if you do decide to do a greenhouse filled with mangoes :P. Could add some citrus and avocados too :).

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caiden(HI, 11)

I guess you get a lot of paw-paw's to eat when they are in season then? Unfortunately I never even heard of them back when I lived in their natural range.

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