What are these dark-green specks? Tiny mites/larvae?

dancer291(6)January 29, 2011

I just harvested my 3-tiered GWF, and found 100's of ity-bitty tiny little things that look dark-greenish. They seem to move and jump about like fleas. Anyone know what they are? I'm wondering if they are fruit fly larvae. The worms don't seem to pay them any mind. But I'm curious, and wonder if I should be worried.

These mite-like-things are on the bottom side of the lid, but mostly congregate in the corners of my bin. Anyone know what they are? And what can I do to get rid of them?


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Sounds like Springtails, but their color is typically cream to reddish brown. I have never seen a green one. They are not considered a pest in a compost or Vermicompost system, but can be a pest in your garden or potted plants. To avoid transplanting them to your garden or plants, spread your Vermicompost out on paper in a shaded, dry area until the moisture content is below 25%...

To help control either Springtails or mites in your GWF (I am guessing the moisture content in your bins may be a bit too high) try adding some shredded newspaper to your mix and keep the moisture content around 65%. My favorite control method is to put a 1" layer of fluffed hair (from the vacuum cleaner if you have pets, or from the local barber shop) with a couple of light puffs of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH on it. DE is not an insecticide, and is commonly used for feed and grain storage to protect against insect damage, and around the home for ant and spider control.

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