Most Julie Like Mango For FL

swrancherNovember 7, 2009

Some of the best Mangoes I have ever tried were from a Julie Mango tree. Have a small one planted here but know they can be diffulcult to grow or produce fruit in Florida. I understand that several other varieties are decended from it and do better in South Florida's climate. Two that I have seen cited as coming from the Julie are Graham and Carrie. Are there any other types that come from the Julie or that taste similar to it, yet grow and produce fruit in Florida? I have small Carrie and Julie trees but I'm curious about the Graham and any others similar to the Julie.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

The two you mention are that I would add Pickering.....which can be obtained at Pine Island Nursery.

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Wow, I didnt know Pickering was anything like Julie. That bit of news makes my day! Thanks. A few weeks ago, I planted a very nice Pickering Mango tree that I bought at the Broward Rare Fruit Club sale as an impulse. Now I really can't wait to try its fruit, hopefully next summer.

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So Harry,
Out of the above mentioned mangoes which one has the best coconut/pineapple flavor. I know that our summers here can get hot but not like FL or as humid. I am pretty sure Julie would grow perfectly fine. I have not made up mind yet as to which two I am going to buy. I am still going to buy the Lancetilla. I have made up my mind on that one. I do want the best cocnut/pineapple flavored mango available to me. I will then complete my mango collection...for now!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


I really can't give you a true answer to your question.
Obviously, a Juile tastes the most like Julie....but if you have never tasted the Julie...that doesn't give you any help. The problem is that different people get different flavors when they taste these mangos. I don't have a huge amount of experience with Julie as it fruits here so poorly. Carrie is good, but to me doesn't really taste like Julie. Although, my Trinidadian neighbors planted lots of Carries because the Julies they planted were unproductive and they thought the Carrie was very Julie-like. Graham is a seedling of Julie and so has many of its taste characteristics. It is a larger fruit and produces much better here in Florida. Pickering I have only had a very few fruits of. My tree is relatively new......this year was its first crop. It was very good with a nice coconutty flavor, but I did not have it side by side with any of the others. So, sitting here in November trying to remember flavors on these is not that easy. I know they are all great mangos and you will not be disappointed with any of them. Maybe next summer while you are here, you can try them to see which is your favorite.


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Thanks again Harry your advise is alwawys appreciated. The only tough part for me will be waiting to buy my trees until after we come back...I don't see that happening! I have heard so much good things about the Julie. I know it would be fine here, even though this summer was really rainy and cool. that is not typical. However it is now November 9 and my Cogshall mango is sitting out side and i cant believe how fast the inflourescences are forming! And it looks like I have more coming! I don't think I will allow all of them to keep there fruit, if I decide to remove the bloom spikes it will be after the fruit have formed. It is wild to think that this was supposed to bloom in Ja/Feb and ripen in June/July! I also noticed that my Dwarf Keylime is setting flower buds. It looks like I will be rewarded with a few frits of my labor. Cant wait for mangoes!! I will post a pic of the tree again once the flowers have opened.

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One mango I really like is Valencia Pride. It compares to Lancetilla in size but it has a great color(yellow and red)
and better flavor. (see )
The tree is an upright fast grower and is desease free.

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Growing Julie mango, its been slow growing for me since obtaining it last year from a now defunct ebay seller with Anthracnose. I have been finally able to control the Anthracnose infection this year, after spraying with a fungicide once every 3 months.

I will update with pictures and taste report when it holds fruits.

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zands(10b Fl)

I see a Julie nearby that yields well. It is planted on the south side of the house. Thus getting maximum sun exposure, sunlight is an anti-fungal so should counteract anthtracnose. This tree has a lot of space around it so air can circulate better. Fungus likes stagnant air

The rap on Julie is it grows better on Caribbean islands where it gets salt air sea breezes. Salt is an anti-fungal.

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I live in Pembroke Pines FL, and my 5 yr old (~7ft H x 7 ft W) Julie mango tree does just fine with full sun and ample space for wind convection. The only downside (not really) is that it does not produce as much fruit as my similairly aged Nam Doc Mai (which is about 2x the height, both planted at the same time). As the Julie gets bigger, you'll get more fruit (scale). My father in Trinidad (carribbean) is still picking more Julies mangoes he can eat from his three 14-19 yr old trees in September.

Check for a reputable nursery near you. Just enter your zipcode. In the Southflorida area check . Just bought a 7Gal Julie from him with a 7Gal Mallika, and now looking to add a Lancetilla. Healthy trees. Not the stressed trees you'd see in Lowes, HD, and Wal-mart. Similairly priced too.

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