Fruits that remind you of childhood?

rodneysNovember 11, 2010

Which fruits instantly remind you of your youth, whether it be childhood or later on?

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apples, on Long Island my aunt had Golden Delicous and McIntosh we also had northern Cherry but the birds would get most of them.

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i had some rambutan in hawaii...and I realized it was not as good as what I remembered when I was a kid.

I had some star apple several years ago as an adult, and I swore I had it before, although I couldn't remember when.

did you know memory is stored in your sense of smell (taste). In my case, it is true, since I was just a baby when I left my tropical roots.

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Watermelon! What kid doesn't love watermelon. (Interesting question!)

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1) Muntingia - we had two big trees, branches big enough to support combined weights of my younger brothers & I when we were 7, 8 & 10. As much fruits as these trees can give, I don't remember ever seeing fully ripened fruits on them...EVER!!!

2) Kwai Muk - it has been 18 years since I last ate one, but for some reason, I can still remember the smell & taste of these wonderful little fruits. Desperately looking for these fruits too :(


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PUMPKINS, we would drive out east on Long Island and pick them

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Australian brush cherry. These were common hedges where I grew up in socal. I loved eating the berries with sugar.

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Guava - still vividly remember climbing many a tree with my bare feet against their smooth bark and munching on the ripe fruit while on the tree. That was so much fun!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Oddly enough, I couldn't stand watermelon growing up. I learned later that my mother, in order to deal with the summer Florida heat before the advent of an airconditioner in every house, ate a huge slice of ice cold watermelon almost every night during her last 2 months of her pregnancy with me. As an adult, I like it, but I befuddled friends and family growing up turning my nose up at it. And, ironically, I would not eat a mango. There were loads of trees with loads of fruits that fell from the heights of these trees and landed on the ground as mush to be descended on by flies. These messy fruits were great for throwing...but eating??? No way. My how some things change. a kid it was bananas, grapes, apples and oranges and that was about it. Adventurous, huh?


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Wild strawberries. They grew only in one place, across the street in a damp swale just off the sidewalk. I must have been about seven. They didn't last too long. Housing went up all over everywhere. It was a few years after WWII and there was great demand.
Wild black raspberries. These were much more plentiful and lasted here and there until I grew up.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

I loved all fruit as a kid but the fruit that have "memories" attached are pomegranates and blackberries. I still love to eat them. The pomegranates I had as a kid were never as big and delicious as the Pom- Wonderful variety I buy at BJ's now, But the Blackberries--- nothing could ever compare...they grew wild on a mountainside where we vacationed on weekends as a kid in the Catskill Mountains. We would pick buckets full of blackberries the size of my THUMB! The thought brings back such fun memories and makes my mouth water too. I have never seen blackberries like that anywhere in my adult life!

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i tried growing Brazo blackberries here but they died, mysore raspberries do pretty well

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