Fruit Explosion

marinfla(10 South Florida)November 26, 2010

After reading all the posts about blooming trees I was feeling somewhat envious.Then today I took my inspection lap around the yard and am very happy to report that my Carrie, Glenn, Po Pui Kalay and Cogshall are all sending lots of flower spikes. The Cogshall and Carrie have multiple shoots coming out of just about every branch. The lemon and lime trees are covered sweet smelling flowers and baby fruits and the fig trees are also in a major vegetative growth spurt with several figs developing as well. Can't wait to see in the near future if the Pickering, Keitt and Lancetilla will produce this year. I also am proud to report all those Cherimoya trees I germinated starting October 1st are now 6" tall with 6 leaves on each. I will post pics when I get a chance.

Happy Holidays Everyone

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Marinfla - Good for you, congrats! This morning I noticed my Carrie and two smallest trees a Jean Ellen and a Florigon are putting out buds. My Rosigold tree has a bunch of bud spikes on it already and is still putting out new spikes almost daily. So if Carrie buds this early when would the fruit be ready barring any winter weather issues?

Just had some nice growth flushes on my three newly planted Lychee trees which is ok because they are all too small to fruit anyway next year.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

...and all my fruit trees are RESTING......asleep.....
coldly dreaming......sigh......

(nice reports marinfla and rancher-dude :)


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