How Indoor Glenn Mango Pollinate?

anthantropicalNovember 27, 2012

Dear Tropical Fruit Lover,

I got a Glen Mango early this year. Due to cold weather, I have to bring it indoor. Soon after two weeks being indoor, it started to have flower, and now the flowers are blooming at peak. My question is what can I do to pollinate the flower so that I can have some fruit. I am so excited about it, but realized that there is no fly in the house. Therefore, I am not sure if the my mango tree can have fruit while being indoor. I deeply appreciate any advise?



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Closer look!

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

You don't need to hand pollinate. I have two mango trees and fruits set naturaly. I suggest you to put a fan next to your tree to help the pollen to move or just shake the flowers time to time.

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Thanks Samueforest for the advice. Do your mango trees fruit indoor?


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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

Yes, it does. I live in Montreal, so it is really cold. I have to bring 6 months of the year indoors. Since the sun is really weak here in winter I use artificial lighthing (HID) like metal halide lamps. I got 5 mangoes from the tree this year.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Samuel - our north-of-the-border Award Winner!


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theo247(7b NC)

Tuan, did yours produce after you posted the photos?

Just ran across this thread while looking for info on pollination for my dwarf Pickering that I have indoors. Glad to hear that it's easy! What advice do you all have for supporting fruit production for an indoor mango tree? Should I do anything special other than continue fertilizing with Foliage-Pro with each watering?

Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences!

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Hello Theo,

My Glenn didn't produce any fruit last year. This year my Carrie also having lot of flowers, but I haven't seen any fruit set yet. I am not sure what am I doing wrong. It's in greenhouse, day temperature is in the 80, and night is about 60 with heater. There are lot of honey bee on the flower during day time. So I assume pollination is not a problem. However, no fruit set yet. I am sorry that I haven't successfully have mine fruit yet. Maybe some other mango expert here will help you out. Please keep me post if your will be successful. Your mango plant looks awesome. Good luck Theo.

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theo247(7b NC)

Thanks for your reply! Wow, your Carrie is beautiful! Sorry to hear that you didn't get any fruit last year from your Glenn, but I sure hope your Carrie produces this year. Looks like it is just full of flowers! I'll let you know if I get fruit on mine.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Beautiful Mango tree anthantropical! Very Healthy, you've done a great job!

If you're seeing honey bees pollinating the blooms, I'm sure you will some fruitlets takes several weeks from blooms to pollination to seeing baby fruitlets. The fact that you have bees pollinating them is a very good're way ahead of me (FL) I will not see blooms till end of Dec. to early January ...Good luck and please keep us posted.

You can take a small paint brush and spread the pollen around, it certainly can't hurt but the bees should be doing their job :o)

Theo you have a very nice Pickering mangol...I love my pickering mango! One of my favorites...

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Also, and Puglvr may agree, adding some Potassium alone might help it to hold fruits as it doesn't look like you're having a problem with getting it to bloom, just hold fruitlets.....It is specifically recommended by some of the professionals growing mangoes in Florida

Maybe increase the watering a bit too, as the developing fruits do use a lot of moisture....

Like it's already been said - VERY good growing techniques for both you guys!!!!!!! The plants look
healthy enough.....


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Thanks Mangodog and Puglvr for the advices. I will start adding some Potassium and water more often. I wish is to have just one mango fruit!!!!That's enough. Never tastes a Carrie mango before!!!!

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