Here are my Mangos Trees from Va. Beach, Va.

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaDecember 11, 2010

Hello Again Everyone!!!

I purchased these two Mango trees in July and I haven't repotted them. They seem to be very happy, but I think that I'm a little nervous to repot now. I think that I should wait until spring, but I am open to your helpful advise. They also need to be fertilized as this ok to do that now?

Should I prune these trees?

Again...I am new to these trees ...and I am slow to do anything for fear of damaging them...This is the first winter for them inside, and I just want them to do well until spring...then I can breath and relax!!! LOL...

The first pic is from this summer...One is a "Carrie" and the other is a "Glenn"...

They have grown about a foot since then and the Glenn is very straight with some signs of branching is about 4 feet tall...the Carrie is about 3 feet tall with multiple branches...

Please let me know what you all think...I am open to all of your suggestions!!!

Thanks again for all of your help!!

Summer pics of Carrie and Glenn...

Carrie Dec 2010

Glenn Dec 2010

I thought that I would share a pic of my little Weiner Dog...ready for the cold!! LOL...

Thanks again everyone!!!

Bo and Andrew...thanks for encouraging me to post!!! Tks!!

Laura in VB

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i wouldnt prune them until spring, cute dog

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Hi Laura,
I didn't realize that they both are branching all ready so you could wait to prune. I thought that the Carrie didn't have any branches.

Are you getting any good growth now that they are indoors?

That 4th picture says inflo to me! Is that your Carrie? I am so jealous! This will be the next tree for me.
I don't have any trouble with pruning indoors with my new light set up. I just pruned my key lime back about a month ago and it has responded good. No troubles. I've heard that feeding them when they are ripening fruit can be a bad idea because the mango flavor can be affected.

Your trees look awesome and I have to tell you that my mango tree is probobly the least difficult to care for (out of all my tropical fruit trees) in the winter. I hope that makes you feel a little better.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks Mango Kush!!!

Hey Andrew...I'm really not sure if my Carrie has an inflo...but it looks like it is trying to's doing something!!! The pic isn't really that clear...but I have them in my great room. I had them under the lights for a while, and the Glenn's leaves started to look strange.
So I decided to place them back where I had them.

They really haven't grown that much since I brought them in...they seem to just rest...should they be growing inside right at this time of the year? You have those awesome lights that will make anything grow!!! : )

My lights seem to just keep them happy!!!

Chat with you soon!!!

I see that you all might get another all have already had enough for a while!!! LOL... stay off of the roads this had mentioned that your relatives had a small problem on the thru way...That would really be scary being stuck there... Stay Warm!!!

Take care everyone!!

Laura in VB

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Pug them come early spring.

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i agree with jay. or at least wait until a few weeks until you feel the plants foliage has adapted to the light setup you have. trees go through a transplant shock when they are adjusting to new light intensity and length changes and should really just be left in the best spot and not moved until they put out new growth. this includes waiting to repot or prune.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Laura, GREAT Mango trees! Nice and healthy! Never saw a mango tree I didn't like :o)

Great advise on pruning(Pugging) in the Spring, this way just in case it decides to throw some blooms this winter...although the tree is a little too young to let fruit but Spring should be the best time for you.

Good luck and great to have you on board with all of us fruit tree addicts!

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Laura - Welcome and good to see ya here! ( :

Your mango trees looks very nice and healthy! I agree with Andrew; I think your Carrie looks like it has an inflo! And your Weiner Dog is too cute. I know my 3 year would love him (or her). Now, I can't wait to buy another mango tree. I am thinking of the pickering and Nam Doc Mai # 4. Btw, that first pick sure does reminds me of summer!

Thanks for sharing your pics Laura.


p.s. your celadine cutting is potted in a water bottle with Christmas lights wrapped around it. ( :

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Are you sure the ID's are correct? I think the one with branches (the one on the left in the outdoor picture) is a carrie and the other a glenn. The carrie has yellowish wavy leaves and is more prone to branching while the glenn has straighter, greener leaves and tends to branch less.

I think you folks in Virginia Beach have a unique micro-climate due to proximity to the beach. Last time I was there I saw bananas and other tropicals doing well within a couple of blocks from the beach. I'd probably be tempted to plant those babies out in the ground ;-).


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

I'm in the choir too - singing praises to your mangos!
A Carrie is next up for me to "adopt", and I'm scrounging around the California nurseries right now looking for one......i'm also curious about JeffHagen's comment on the virginia beach micro-climate and tropicals - do you get much frost/and or snow there?

interesting.....well.......keep us posted on your routine - they are looking swell at the moment....

Gary (mangodog)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

Thanks for all of the comments...I will "pug" them, LOL...this spring!!!

Jeffhagen....Great Eye!!! I did mix the names when posting...but are correctly labeled in the pots...Good Catch!! LOL...I had to keep checking and reread the post, and I did mix them up...thank you for the catch!!!

We do have a unique Micro climate here in VB...which enables me to grow Palms, oleanders and other types of tropicals here...the Ocean does play a part as well as here in my backyard, I am surrounded by huge pines. If you would like to see a pic of my palms in the yard...I can post one if you would far as in the ground, I would be hesitant...but my friend Dave from the palm/Plumeria forum has visited someone here locally that has certain citrus growing here for a long time. He has much more knowledge in them to be able to be so successful..I am going to try and visit his home I will let you all know what I find...He sounds very interesting!! (Tks Dave) for the info!!!

Hello Pug...I will continue on with the traditon come this spring..."pugging" LOL...I have heard so many great things about your I will have to go back and check on some of the old posts for the before and after pics!!
Thanks for the welcome!!!

Hello Bo, Andrew,,Mike, Mango kush and Ohiojay...thanks again for all the info and comments!!

Stay Warm everyone!!

Laura in VB

I decided to show you my palms during the summer...then this past Feb during the snowstorm here in VB (we received about 5 inches) enough to shut down the city!! LOL... This a a pic of my mother next to the palms!!!

Then the next skies!!!

Take care everyone!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mango dog...I guess that I was posting when you were as well..Thanks...We have seen an increase here in "zone pushing" in VB..experimenting with different types of tropicals..some need protection at first, then once established..they so just fine.

Bo..I wanted to show you a pic of that Texas Star..
They are so easy to will have no problem come spring!!

Here is my little Weiner dog again... I know it's off topic..but she is my best little friend!!!

Keep Warm!!!

Laura in VB

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loveplants2 have you ever grown bananas? there are a few cold hardy varieties and the tropical ones are easy to dig up or cover with mulch for the winter. most people with the tropical bug outside the climate like them because of their foliage. theyre also easy to propagate and trade

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

JeffHagen I was thinking the same thing when I saw the two plants side by side outside....then kept scrolling down and didn't need to say a thing....

Laura I would prune the Glenn to encourage branching but I would leave the Carrie alone and see what kind of growth flushes you get. The branching on your Carrie has a good shape and support base for continued growth. Mine has a compact canopy that started like yours and needed very little shaping as it has gotten bigger. Your snow pics are great...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Laura...GREAT pictures! I forgot to say what a super cute dog you have...I love her, she's a sweetie! I can see why she's your best friend, Max is mine too :o)

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Laura!!! Where in the world was I when you posted these beautiful pictures of your mangos, palms, and your pug!?

You are all making me very jealous with these trees and pretty

Laura, Nancy is the one that started me on this journey...She even linked me to a place where I can buy a wonderful mango that would do well for me in my area..
Do you think I can find that e-mail...?lol

I have to get me one of these now and I don't care how broke I am come spring..Lovely plants.

I love this site and I am sending a HELLO to everyone here I know and ones that I do not yet..

Laura, I can't stand to look at that pool anymore..I was drooling for summer to come, but then looking at the palms in the snow set me back to reality

Sorry I didn't see this thread till today..Funny I saw the theme a few times, but never noticed it was you that posted it..

Happy growing and stay warm everyone, including you these days Nancy..

Nancy: I am sick just thinking of what your Mango tree has been through and what is has yet to face..That beautiful one full of fruit! Please tell us it will be ok..?

Bo and Andrew..I hope you are doing ok..:-)))))


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Palm trees in the snow??that's incredible!You got some beautiful tress there Laura, hope you have a nice warm greenhouse where they could thrive.


What did you find in Ong's? How hot is it in 29 Stumps? We are close to breaking the record @ 88F today, what is going on with this crazy weather.


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Laura, I love that color on your Texas Star! I am excited and can't wait to sow them. Will they flower their first year? Also, I never get tired of looking at your palms before and after pics. Inspiring!

Mike, you must get a mango tree soon! ( :

I keep telling myself only two more months til spring (even though I know it's more). But it does make me feel better to say two lol

Happy growing and take care everyone!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi could probably see flowers the first year...they thrive in the sun and love to be watered...You will definately by the second year...

Hello Joe...Thanks for the nice comments on my palms..they do not move from there present location!! I wish I had a greenhouse too! They have been in the ground for over 16 years...I'm Keeping my fingers crossed during this hard cold blast from the north...When they were first planted and for the next several years, I put heat cables around the hearts of the palms and tucked them in with Burlap..I would plug them in when the temps hit below 25...I am still alittle nervous though...I think all of us plant lovers Palms, Furits, tropical etc...are very nervous at this time of year!!

Mango Kush...I have thought about the cold hardy Bananas...but I haven't really checked them out yet...TYhey are really beautiful in the yard and I have also seen them planted in large pots that looked pretty good as well. My neighbors have bananas and one neighbor had some actual bananas gow on his tree...That was pretty cool for our area...

Hello Mike...Stay warm

Pug...Are you going to protect your mango trees? Please let us know how you are...I'm feeling for you all down's bitterly cold here in VB..Brrrrrrrrrr

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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As we say in California Laura-Most excellent!..and that Mangos cant be grown in pots in colder climates?-Erroneous!
And I like the red mulch under palms..nice look.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you stanofh...Merry Christmas!!!

Take care everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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I would like to know more about growing mangoes. I am here in Alexandria and a client just told me about somebody growing mangoes in Fauquire County so if he can grow there I should be able to grow here. My microclimate here is protected and warmer than friends a few miles away and we all grow figs. I would like a sweet variety that can get by on its own without a pollinator, one that matures fast would be nice.

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