Interesting Observation After Three Weeks

BlinkBlogger(8B)February 27, 2013

It's been almost three weeks since my worms arrived and so far so good! As I previously mentioned, after finding a few dead worms in my bottom bin, which wasn't intended to house them, I decided to add a bit of bedding and keep it moist; that way, I could "rescue" any of my little adventurers who ended up down there. That's been working quite well and even though I didn't notice any stragglers for a couple of days, it now seems that they must be actively going back and forth between the two bins. I usually find a few worms in the bottom bin when I check now, but what is so amazing is the amount of castings accumulating there; which I'm sure must be coming from a lot more than the occasional worm I find and return to the top bin.
The bottom of the bin, beneath the very little bit of bedding I have there, is almost covered with castings now and they're all over the PVC supports on each end that hold up the top bin. I even find them on the walls of the lower bin, but the vast majority of them are under the bedding.
So I'm curious to hear what you all think of that. Since I used mechanically shredded newspaper and cardboard in my main bin, I can't really determine the volume of castings there and make a comparison to what's being deposited in the bottom bin...where I'm now just putting newspaper shredded by hand. And since I think the worms might like that better and it makes it easier to tell what's going on in the bin, I'll use it when I add bedding in the future--mixed with the mechanically shredded cardboard.
Also, I think the worms are starting to eat more now as well, and it was really neat to see what was left of the apple cores I gave them!
One thing is for sure, the worms don't have any trouble going back and forth between the bins, which is something I was a bit concerned about. If I remember, I'll get "eyes" to take a picture of the castings in the bottom bin the next time she's here so you can let me know what you think.But I was wondering if anyone else thinks their worms go back and forth between bins. Thanks!
BB in FL

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Oh, yes, they certainly do! I also find worms and castings on the inside of the lid on my Worm Factory 360. I've grown to a 3rd tray, and most of the worms have moved up to the top two trays. I don't have anything in the bottom like you do, so I have no clue why they are going down there. Exploring, maybe? I have had no worms leave the bin, at least not that I've seen, and with a cat and an extremely nosy dog, I think I'd have noticed something going on in that corner.

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Thanks, thedogsLL...I was pretty sure that's what they're doing based on how much castings I have in the bottom bin. Before I changed to a cloth cover, I noticed worms on my lid as well--I think they actually like the condensation and moisture, which is probably why they go down to your bottom bin too. My system is relatively dry, so I have to keep spraying the bedding in my bottom bin to keep it from drying out, which might be what attracts them.
Also, can someone describe how big the cacoons are in comparison to castings? I think I've even found some of those in the bottom bin as well.
I did quite a bit of "digging" in my main bin today and I already have a lot of castings in it too and noticed that it tends to build up a lot more where I've fed larger quantities of food. So does anyone have a rough idea of how quickly a ten gallon bin with two thousand worms might be ready to harvest the castings? Thanks!
BB in FL

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