Worm vendors?

mad_gardenerFebruary 19, 2009

Has anyone purchased worms from Wild West Worm Farm? (see: http://wildwestwormfarm.com/aboutUs.htm) If so, did the worms survive shipping & arrive healthy? Do the prices seem fair? How quickly did you receive your worms? Other comments? I live north of Atlanta, GA, and this will be my first venture into vermicomposting.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

Prices seem a little high to me, if they are close some people prefer to order local to keep the transit short.

Here's a link to some other suppliers w/ varying prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Worm suppliers thread

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How far are they from you? I definitely support buying worms as locally as possible since it usually means you are getting worms adapted to your climate.

You might want to contact them and ask how they package their worms for shipping. I've heard horrible stories about people buying worms from someone that packed them in a plastic bag then boxed them for shipping, worms don't survive sealed in plastic. It is really easy to ship worms as you can line a cardboard box with several layers of paper, (newspaper or paper bags work) then place some fresh dry bedding in the box, finally place worms in a mix of moist bedding and castings into the box, add some more bedding on top and fold the paper over the worms and close the box. So long as the box is not completely covered with packing tape, it should breath enough for the worms to survive. The trickiest part is making sure there is enough moisture for the length of the trip but not so much that the box gets wet. Ya don't want the worms to sit at the post office or on the porch for an extended time once they arrive.

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