When to plant potatoes

raisefire(Zone 8)January 23, 2014

I'm new to gardening and picked up some potato seeds at Home Depot yesterday. They are white superior potatos. The package says to wait after last frost to plant them but I believe I've heard that they can go in ground sooner since the ground doesn't freeze that often. I'm near waco and any advice of when to plant would be greatly appreciated.

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My grandfather always planted his on Valentines weekend. If you wait until then you should not have any problems with them.

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raisefire(Zone 8)

Thanks for replying and confirming what I had heard. Thanks

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I plant them at the beginning of feb. Frost will damage the leaves but they generally do not come up until after the last frost when planted at that time in this area. Last year we had a late frost and had to cover mine that had already come up. This winter has been so crazy here I'm probably going to push back the date I'm planting everything though.

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Did you mean to say seeds, or seed potatoes? I did not know you could get taters from actual seeds until last week. I would love to hear about this. c

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Bell County Master Gardener 2014 Plant Sale

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I'm also in Zone 8, and just planted my potatoes yesterday. As usual, I missed several small tubers in the rows last fall and they have been sprouting all winter long. Whenever it freezes hard, the leaves are killed but they keep resprouting time after time. I expect they will produce my earliest crop. FYI, we grew Red Norlands last year for boilers, and they had great yields and fantastic flavor - the best of any potato we have grown. We also like Caribe a lot.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I grew up in Kansas and my dad always planted them in February and there were plenty of frosts after that!

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