Spinosad, where to buy

tealboy(9)May 28, 2007

can anyone tell me where i can buy this product? i need to do something to control the terrible leaf miner problem but can't find this product locally.

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You can get it from Garden's Alive. They call it Bulls-Eye BioInsecticide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden's Alive Web Site

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Do you have a Lowes? They sell the Greenlight Spinosad product. I have been using this product this year to prevent leaf miners and caterpillars and it is part of my regular foliar spraying routine. You can apply it up to 6 times a season on Toms with only 1 day between spraying and harvest. I mix in seaweed and molasses to get some foliar feeding in as long as I am spraying the spinosad anyway. Bug control and feeding in one application it works well for me.

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I bought it as Monterey Garden Insect Spray at a local gardening shop.

I used spinosad for leafminers last year. It didn't seem to be all that effective, sadly.

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Did you spray proactively or reactively? I have been spraying on schedule and haven't seen any leafminer damage this year on my peppers or Toms. By the time you see the trails on the leafs the damage is done. I don't want to brag about lack of caterpillars just yet, it may jinx me.

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Who, me? I started spraying after I saw it. Maybe it just takes a long time for it to kick in. After a while with Spinosad, I got ticked off and moved up to Sevin. That didn't make the problem go away, either. But the leafminers never got so bad for me that it affected the plant's health that I could see, so rather than go to the next step (ordering wasps), I just ignored it until it didn't seem to matter.

This year I started to see leafminer trails just after I put my plants in the ground, around March 7. Since that first week or two, I haven't seen any sign of leafminers.

There are people on here with longer experiences than mine that can give you better advice. That was just my little neophyte take on things. Not that impressed with it.

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What I was trying to communicate is that once you see the leaf miner damage they are usually gone. To prevent leafminer damage and or establishment of leav chewing insects you have to be proactive and spray the spinosad on the plant before you notice damage. Spraying leafminer damaged leaves does nothing becasue in most cases the leaf miners are gone by the time you notice the damage.
I have been very happy with Spinosad products. They are not broad spectrum and have minimal effect on beneficials. When used in Fire ant bait it is quiete effective and as a spray I have so far been lucky not to have any pest problems this season, but it is anectdotal because I didn't sacrifice any plants as "controls" for a real scientific experience.

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Thanks for the information about buying spinosad at Lowes. I went to buy this online and the shipping was more than the product. Do you have any idea how much this costs at a retailer like Lowes? A friend recommended this to me to stop codling moths from killing my apples.

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