How I planted my Tomatoes - Good?

behlgarden(9)May 30, 2012

After realizing issues of shallow planting and roots not getting deep enough, this season, all new tomato plants were burried 8 to 10 inches deep,

1. first used a tiller to till about 12-18 incies deep, make the soild really soft.

2. I added compost and manure to the tilled soil and tilled again.

3. I dug 8 to 10 inch holes for tomatoes, 24" apart. I know its a bit too close for Heirlooms but I like my plants supporting each other on the sides.

4. I added 1-cup of tomato tone fertilizer mixed with bone meal and calcium.

5. I ran a 1/4" drip line that has controlled water flow from a 4GPH dripper all the way to the bottom of the hole, this one for deep watering, tubing will stay below the roots.

6. I planted my tomato right over the bed of fertilizer and 1/4" drip line.

7. I ran second 1/4" drip line that is also controlled by 4GPH dripper. This line was somewhat 2" below the top of grade, and this one is to help top are of plant/roots to get moist, and also help in dissolving side dress fertilizers in the future.

All in all, I have controlled drip irrigation system where tomatoes get about 1" water per week and eggplants, peppers get aobut the same water.

1. When I sidedress with organic Tomatotone fertilizer, do you folks think that upper tubing will help the sidedressed fert to dissolve down? Plan is to sidedress 2" outside and 4" deep all around the main trunk of tomato plant.

2. How do you like my setup/planting this season?

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Sounds extremely efficient and adequate. You shouldn't have any water or fertilizer problems, well done.

are you running the fertilizer through the drip line or is it not water soluble? if you fertilize with the drip line, you should be golden.

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I am using insoluble organic fertilizer Tomatotone. My only option is to sidedress unless later on I decide to do foliar spary of compost tea which I have no plans for. I am going to now mulch it heavily via grass clippings and organic compost.

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