leaves from my garden

tulips101(5a sterling il.)February 16, 2013

I usually put leaves around my shrubs for winter can i use some of them forworm food if i warm them up and shred a little bit for both my red wigglers and ENC.

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I do this in one of my bins - I just don't have room in the other.

The leaf matter will heat up if you add enough.

I found that the shredded leaf matter I added broke down rather fast.

Keeping some or most around the shrubs as mulch will help a lot too.

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If you are talking about leaves that fall off of the trees in the Fall, think of them as bedding. Worms love them. You don't need to shred them. Just be aware that anything you take from outside to place in your bin can be carrying critters that you would not normally have in an indoor bin. This could be good if those critters stay in the bin and help break the OM down. It could be bad if those critters decide to go exploring around the house.

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