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NiivekFebruary 8, 2013

This seems like a great forum for wormers. I'm just getting started on having my pound or so of spineless employees make castings for me in a 18 gallon bin in my basement.
Does anyone collect empirical data from their bins and product? I've read that you ideally want a temperature between 60-70 degrees F, neutral PH and about 70% humidity. So, if you're compulsive, you want a thermometer and some other measuring tools. Its been a long time since high school, so what do you use to test PH? I remember using litmus paper in school. Where does one buy lutmus paper, or is there another device that can test the PH of your bin?
As far as humidity, I suppose a cigar store might have a barometer or something to test with.
What other data points would one want to collect to ensure you are running a good bin? Is there a tool that can test for carbon or nitrogen content?

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"is there another device that can test the PH of your bin?" I usually just dip in my tongue.

Unless you are feeding great quantities of brand new pineapple or orange pulp and zero bedding then pH is probably a non issue.

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You taste your VC, equinox? Wow you are a dedicated worm keeper.

I bought pH litmus strips on eBay. I suppose one could buy them from a biological supply house. I have only used it in working with the bokashi composting. I have not gotten into environmental monitoring of the worm bin so unfortunately I can't be of help.

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