Henbit already coming up!

acalta(8)January 31, 2013

Hello All!

I am a long-time reader, but first time poster. This is only my second year with a full lawn...

Over the warm and lovely weekend here in north texas, little baby henbit starting sprouting up all over my lawn!

Last year we had a problem and got them one by one with a weed killer. But that wasn't until much later in the year.

Lawn experts: what do I do? I know there are all sorts of rules about when you can lay this and when to lay that-I just don't know them!

Signed the Lawn Novice

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Hi acalta, welcome! Ah, I know, the joys of gardening in Texas... a pre-emergent put out in the fall will catch a lot of this stuff; it's time to put out again the first part of March to control weeds that pop up later in the year.

I subscribe to Neil Sperry's e-gardens newsletter, it has good information on what/how/when for gardening in this area. His current newsletter has information on when to put down pre-emergent.

I am currently battling fall aster that has spread like wildfire over the last year.

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Thank you! We did do a pre-emergent in fall, but according to the garden center, we did it too late.

We will reapply in March...and become NS subscribers.

I've also been battling the evils of rabbits. My liquid fence just came in the mail last night! woohoo!

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Enjoy the pretty purple flowers! Eat them if they don't have any chemicals on them.

You will get good advice from others, but alas, I've loved the henbits since I was a toddler picking them for my mother. I don't even try to kill them.

They do work in a salad, though, even if they aren't the absolute best salad greens.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I leave henbit for the bees.

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