Encouraging branching on young mango

darkmorning(Zone 9 Central FL, US)December 3, 2012

I saw an older, similar post and replied to it, thinking it would bump up but I guess that doesn't work on these forums. Anyway, as the other poster did, I have a young mango about 5 ft tall just growing straight up so far. I know I need to cut it but I'm wondering if I should wait until after "winter" here in Central Florida. I don't know the tree variety, it was grown from seed by a coworker and given to me. I'm not getting my hopes up for a great crop because I know they're not always true from seed, but I'd like to give it its best shot.

I'm also wondering how short I should go. Stu123 asked a question on the other thread and I think it was misinterpreted and not answered correctly. If I cut it back to 3' and get new branches, those branches will always be 3' off the ground, right? There's no growth from the bottom?

Thanks for your expertise!

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)


Watch this.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tipping Young Mango Trees

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thetropicaldude(Orlando / 9b)

Since you have a seedling which is more vigorous than the grafted trees the guy in the video is working with, i would even go lower than hip height. I'd nip yours at knee height.

If you can get someone to graft it for you with a good variety that'll be much better -unless this seed came from an excellent mango or you just want to grow it for the foliage

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I bought a Glenn a year and a half ago, and it was like yours growing straight up. I cut it at 5.5 ft to force branching up higher so I could walk by it and work around it. I'm not sorry I did it is looking great.

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