2nd day for the worms

cobra2February 12, 2012

it is the 2nd day for my worms I checked on them they are eating already at the temp of 47.8 deg. out side is 24.0 deg. the soil is 55.3 deg. they are very active (:

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It's the 7th day now I see alot of babies now also they are looking good.
how many worms can you put in one bin and how many bins can you work at one time I can stack up to 7 bins.
I have a worm factory 360
thank you, Alan

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CathyCA Zone10(10)

Too many to count! I have 2 worm factory 360's. 6 levels each but the top and bottom levels are buffer zones with few worms. The middle 4 levels have lots of worms, hundreds, maybe thousands in each level. Too many to count.

If you wonder what I mean by buffer zone, the bottom tray has primarily bedding, although stuff drips down from above. It is to keep the worms from falling down into the bottom area. The upper tray has used coffee grounds, egg shells and things that I am letting age before they are ready for the worms. The worms rarely crawl up to this tray because the good stuff is being fed in the tray below it. The buffer trays also, I believe, help to keep the inner trays moist and sheltered from temperature extremes.

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I currently have Worm Factory (5 trays), three homemade worm inns, six Rubbermaid tubs between 40 and 50 gallons, one FT composter made from a 50-gallon Rubbermaid wheeled garbage can, plus one behemoth monstrosity that I am testing that has no name.

I tend to start with a pound of worms for a standard 30-50 gallon bin, knowing within a couple of months I'll be splitting them into two or three new bins.

The one caution with the bins composed of stacking trays: they get really heavy to lift if you're trying to feed all of them. Better to feed until the top tray is almost all converted to VC before adding the next tray, so you don't have to keep lifting them to feed the lower ones. Trust me, I've done that, and it sucked.

Good luck, Cobra, and let us know how it goes!

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Hehe, yeah you know things are going well in a developed system when you check around hit those worm patches and go OMG, solid worm meat. They can get dense.

FYI, if the babies look very small and white, they might be white worms instead.


A common bin animal that will work with the worms like other bin creatures. I've always had lots of these in new bins with the numbers dropping of as the bin get older and more established. Starchy foods can really get them going.

Cheers and good luck Cobra. :)

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the babies are redish browm color I think I'm going to add a pound of worm to them. the person I got the worms from said only about 200 worm in the little box he had

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Yep sounds like proper babies, nice. Looks like he gave you a real mix in the box. When I got my worms in the mai,l they had to be shipped in a special way so basically only worms (no cocoons or old compost matter) packed in peatmoss. Took a long time to get babies as the whole process of cocoon to worm babies takes time.

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So glad you have "proper babies" with reddish brown color. I was relieved to hear that. So often a poster new to vermicomposting will add a lot of food and then gleefully post about all their new babies. I never want to break their heart to tell them the zillions of white worms will never turn into red worms and to please add more bedding to the system.

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