Chilling requirements for inducing mango tree inflos.

Andrew ScottDecember 29, 2011

Hi guys,

Back in November, my 'Maha Chinook' mango tree produced it's first inflo. Sadly, I lost it, when I accidently bumped the chord on my HPS light and broke it. Needless to say I was not very happy. Anyhow, since then I have not seen any more inflos, but tons of new branches forming.

I am assuming that bringing the tree in from the cool outdoors and into 85 degree temps is what induced the blooms. Since it is practically impossible to give it cooler temps at this point, is it safe to say that I will not see inflos again until I can bring it outdoors into cool temps this spring?

Also, I wanted to get some advice on what would be the best fert to feed the tree to encourage inflo this spring.

At around 6ft tall now, I think this tree should be large enough to hold some fruits. My only other concern at this point is that the most recent growth flush is what has pushed my tree to 6ft.

Would pruning the tree now sacrifice the possibility of producing inflos this spring? I also am wondering if there is a fert that I can feed it that would encourage it to produce inflos. I had been using a combo of FE and Sea weed. I have been very pleased with the growth on this tree but I was a little concerned when I had read a previous post that FE should not be used on mango trees.

This tree has actually proven to be the best mango that I have ever grown. It is now going thru it's second winter with no problems. IT has been very vigorous, in fact, I am wondering if I will be able to hold off on repotting it until spring or not. At this point, it is so rootbound that I almost have to water every day, even when I soak the entire root ball.

I want to thank Harry for all the info on this variety. I am really stoked about this up coming spring and summer. As long as I can get it to produce inflos, I don't see why I cannot have some of the most delicious mango I have ever tasted(again thanks to Harry!).


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I won't prune now. Come Feb/March/April is the big bloom season for mangoes in SoFlo. Pruning may divert energy from inflos to vegetative growth and you'd have missed the season.

I'd prune, root prune and re-pot (22" diameter, non black, non dark colored pot) as soon as the last mango is picked off the tree. Then apply foilar sprays, soil drenches, and some N containing fert (6-10), all proportioned to the tree size. As a result of the root pruning, the tree may have to be placed in the shade for a week or two to reacclimate.

The best time to fert (as well as foilar sprays + soil drenches) are when the temps are warm. To promote inflos via fertilizer, high K containing formulas are used. 0-0-K K = 22, 50 etc) and these are found in 25 and 50 lbs bags (low salt and chlorine formulations) at lawn care speciality stores. Personally I've used the 2-10-10 bloom specials HD and Lowes sells with good results.

So :)

-prune, root prune, re-pot after harvest.
-high K fert at the start of spring and end of mango season in prep for next season bloom.
-foilar sprays when it is warm at the end of mango season (summer). Careful on inflos as moisture can promote anthracnose.
-soil drench when it is warm (spring/summer).

Pot culture would be different as you have some more control on the soil acidity that would affect Fe uptake.

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

Hi Andrew!

I think it will be safe to bring it outside in spring to introduce some blooms. It happen to Christy with her Nam Doc Mai mango, it bloomed one time in winter and the second time in summer.

I bought a fertilizer for this Andrew, it's name his bloom booster. Anyway you just need a fertilizer with a lot of phosphorus and potassium.

If size for you is a problem, prune it. It won't affect bloom, but the branches will be smaller an the tree will more difficulties to hold fruit.

Samuel Forest

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