Best bedding for Euro Nightcrawlers??

bmaintzFebruary 7, 2010


I am new to the forum & new to growing worms...

My daughter thinks that I am nuts but I like a challenge...

I bought a 5-tray Gusanito... (may buy extra trays later)..

I have ordered a pound of Euro Nightcrawlers (should be here on Friday)...

The Gusanito came with a brick of Coco Coir which I have already soaked...

BUT upon reading & reading I have come to the conclusion that cardboard may be my best bedding material...

No PH problems, holds moister, easy to find (Free)... :)

QUESTION.... With Euro Nightcrawlers can you add some top soil to the cardboard or even some Hay..??

What about composted horse manure (not a lot, just a couple handfulls)...??

Anyway I am trying to blend a good bedding & have it all ready when it is time to harvest the worm poop...

Many thanks in advance...


Littleton, Colorado

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Hi Bob welcome to the worm world. When I start a new bin I mix shredded paper IE old visa bills,ripped up newsprint,cardboard cut into 1X2 inch pieces,moisten and mix all together with 2 cups of sand and topsoil. The sand and soil helps with the digestion.
The hard part is leaving the worms alone once you get stated. They don't like to be disturbed too much.Just feed then and leave them.

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Thanks for the info...
I bought some good topsoil that has sand in it so that should do the trick...
Soaking up some china cardboard today as my night crawlers are shipping on Monday...
When you feed do you dig a shallow 3 to 4 inch hole in the middle of the bedding & cover with a little topsoil mix..???
Have read this somewhere else, they also said to move the feed hole to a different location on the bedding on the second feeding...

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Hey Bob,

When you feed, you can do just what you said, but cover the new food with existing bedding or fresh shredded paper and cardboard. You can use this addition to help control moisture ie add dry when it's too wet etc.

Instead of digging a little hole, I just move aside the top most layer of paper/cardboard at one end, feed in a layer (1/4 - 1" thick, depending on population), restore existing bedding and top up as required.

Only feed UP TO half the bed at once, just to give the worms an option if things go a little sour. This is also based on population, like if you had 5 lbs of worms, half the bed at once would be OK. If it does go a little pear shaped, just withhold fresh feed, monitor moisture and wait. In most cases, the worms will eventually fix the problem themselves as the existing food decays to a point where they will attack it. I've found they can thrives on neglect quite well.

I don't generally add any top soil once the system is up and running. When I sweep up the verandah out front (leaves, dirt etc), that makes it into the system.

Hope this helps.
Cheers and good luck with the Euros (which I can't get here in Australia....Grrrrr.!)

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That's right by digging pockets in a circular direction around the bin works well. I mark the last location with a stick to remember better.By the time i get back to the start they have consumed the first pocket and you can start another lap. Keep that up for about 4 to 6 months and unless you want to start another system,better find someone to give or sell your worm buddies to lol

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Great, thanks for all of the help...
I may try selling some night crawlers to local bait shops or list them on CraigsList for local fisherman...
Help in my investment... :)

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