Potato Peelings

hummersteveFebruary 20, 2014

I wonder if others are also finding that the worms are not overly enjoyed with them. Even though they are mixed in with others it is not a popular item here. So as I eat a lot of baked potato I have stopped adding to my food scrap supply. What say you on this food item?

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They will break down eventually.

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It may have to do with what you added to your baked potato. They may be waiting for the salts to dissipate. I eat the peels. Peels are the best part, the good stuff full of vitamins!

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Sometimes if you'll put things like that into a...uh...rot pot, and let the textures break down a little, the toothless squirmees will vigorously suck it up.


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if you blend it up with other food items they will consume it quickly.

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Actuallly it gets to be pulp as I run it thru my juicer with other veggies and fruit leavings.

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I always have chopped peels and old wrinkled, or rotting potatoes along with other foods in the freezer. I haven't noticed that they've avoided it any more than anything else.

I put a bunch of cabbage and broccoli in the bin that I had thawed. It smelled fairly strong for a day or two, as those types of foods will. Everything is gone now.

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Potato rots much slower than leafy veggies,fruit,melons ect but they will get there given enough time.

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