vermicomposting in E. Tenn. mountains

outinthecountry(6b)February 11, 2009

Hello, I'm new to worms! Is there anyone out there in upper East Tennessee? I have questions about the lower temperature ranges (to keep worms outside). I will build my bins this spring, but don't have a garage or basement to keep them in. There is a little garden shed in the back yard, though. My house is small (1100 sf) and I don't have a lot of extra storage room - besides, I can just see my DH's face after he asks me "hey Tam, what's in these bins?"!

Thanks to all - have learned a lot from your posts.


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Oh, yeah - our winter temps reach zero occasionally, and summer highs are in the upper 80's

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one rubbermaid tote can be hidden anywhere( for awhile at least.


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In my experience it is never a good idea to hide things from your DH (or DW for that matter).

Good luck with your project.

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denno(z7 NC)

I'm just over the mountains in the foothills of NW NC, I keep my worms in my shed also. And yeah, you need to take precautions about the weather. I lost one of my bins last winter because I used a light bulb underneath as a heat supply when the temps dropped below 20 degrees. I also had the bins wrapped with those insulation blankets that are used for water pressure tanks. But the bulb burned out during one of the nights, and all the worms in one bin perished. So this winter I used one of those oil filled heaters layed over a couple inches under my other bin, which is also wrapped in insulation. So far, it looks like they'll make it, and we did have a six degree night. The heater comes on when the temps get to low 30s, as I have it plugged into one of those temp controlled outlets, which I bought in the Lowes plumbing section. The summer time heat has to be considered also, so keep the bin low, as the heat will accumulate near the roof. I have a metal shed, which will be warmer than a wooden one, but I also have a twelve foot ceiling. On the hottest days, I kick in a fan to circulate the air somewhat. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for your advice. looks like I'll give it a try this spring!

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You don't have to hide it but you don't need to go into details that it contains worms. Just say it's compost.


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