White crawling worms in my bin

hb06February 5, 2010

These tiny little worms have several legs and 2 tiny antenna. Worm bin has been set up for about 6 weeks. Worms came from a local person that has them set up outside in a wooden box. This is my first post so I am not sure if I can get pics to show.

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They look like Millipedes. I don't remember if they are harmful to a worm bin.

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That is what I have been told but I have not come up with any definate id. They don't seem to be biting the worms from what I can see. There is quite a few of these little guys.

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Did you add grain whole or ground to your bin? It looks like a meal worm.

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I don't think they are a meal worm. They curl into a tiny spiral when touched. Been feeding scraps. Maybe a couple tablespoons of worm food mix in the past month.

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