worm castings

tulips101(5a sterling il.)February 17, 2013

I have seperated the worms out of the compost and put it thru a 1/2 inch wire netting and i was wondering if i dont use it all on my plants can i use it over to grow more woms or should a add a bunch of peat moss or shredded leaves i want to put ENC in thestuff please inform me im not real good at this stuff.

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Worm castings are not and ideal medium to use as bedding for worms, since essentially the worms would be living in their own waste. Not to mention there would be nothing for them to eat since it has already been processed. I would definitely add some leaves and moist shredded cardboard to the mix.

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Try saving it and using it later in summer to make worm tea to use as you would when you water your plants?

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I bet the original poster is not asking if he/she can use as bedding the material that fell through the "1/2 inch wire netting" as bedding but what did NOT fall through. Yes, toss that microbe rich stuff back on top of both bedding and especially kitchen scraps to "enlighten" them about the possibilities of way helpful friends.

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tulips101(5a sterling il.)

Thank you equinoxequinox that is what i wanted to know i quess i need to be more clear in my posts thank you.

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