Help with Wax Myrtles

mikea_66January 17, 2014

I've created in my yard some wax myrtles that have grown out of control. They are older plants with fairly good sized trunks. Problem is that I did a poor job training when they were young and the trunks go off in all directions mostly toward the fence where they are rubbing on and towards the neighbors yard. I would like to try and save them but not too sure on how they would take to some severe pruning, Just how far can I take these guys down and see if they'll do better this time. Can I take them down to two or three feet where the trunks are straight?
Thanks for any advice.

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Generally speaking, you can usually take off about a quarter to a third of the top growth of most bushes without too much lasting damage although it will take a while for the plant to recover. The problem here is that you didn't provide a picture of how big the plants are now or their present shape so its not easy to say yes or no to your proposed trimming plan.
Certainly, you can always selectively trim errant stems, trunks, or branches that are not doing what you'd like them to do but major pruning should always be done with an eye toward minimal cutting at any one time rather than major pruning in one fell swoop.
Hope this helps.

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