Vemicomposting vacuum cleaner debris

due_east(z6 Nashville)February 5, 2009

Vacuum cleaner debris is what I have most of with the exception of coffee grinds.

We don't use chemicals in our house , so no worry there.

We have two dogs and three cats so what we pick up is 80%

pet dander & fur. I have read that hair/fur does well in a regular compost, how about in a Vemicomposting?

Thanks for any insight

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Since nobody else is answering this, I'll take a stab at it.

Pet hair does not break down very well in a worm bin. Neither do a lot of other things your vacuum cleaner will pick up.

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Agree with sbryce, hair will not break down well so throw out into your regular composting.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

I put all my handfulls of dog hair and my drier lint which happens to be a lot of dog hair in the bin I read its high in nitrogen? It definatly disappears

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I wouldn't put dryer lint in the bin, since much of it is likely to be synthetic fibers that won't break down.

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mechele211(TN 6b)

Hey fellow middle Tennesseean! I have purchased a bin that I want to set up soon. I live just outside of M'boro. Do you know of a local source to pick up red wigglers rather than having to order them and have them shipped?

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