Do not shred TP-cores

11otisFebruary 5, 2009

I do not shred my TP cores but place them in my bin like chimneys. Especially at times where the bin tends to be on the too wet side. I also hope these chimeys will provide more air circulation (oxygen) and speed up things.


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I've been adding them whole also. I haven't tried standing them up but they have been providing air pockets under the next layer added. Also I used to wet the bedding down in a bucket and wring it out; that made for wet clumpy messes. Now I add in dry and wet it down with a spray bottle, that seems to keep it nice and fluffy. Good topic!

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Ohhh darn, I just tore up several to put in our new bin. I will remember to just save and use them whole once our wormies actually get here and our bin gets going.

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Hmmm I actually kept them whole so my worms had a new jungle gym to play with, but aeration isn't a bad idea either!

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I think that oxygen is the 'rate limiting factor' for growth of bacteria and therefore worms. We give them enough food. Bacteria can replicate explosively if they have everything they need. The idea about making TP rolls chimney's is great!

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Whew. . . I thought this was going to be about something toxic!
I WAS new oahu wormer but I'm not so new anymore so I changed my name!

Hi Susan!

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I'd read on another thread a wormer person liked to stuff their tp rolls with scraps, like cannelloni or manicotti - for worms!

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