update: bf newbie look what i got

veeja11(z7Wa)July 12, 2007

Time for a new thread. please post what you got and if you want to join our group. then oldies post if you will be a big sis to them if you were their partner. Then send them a copy of our rules if they agree to them they are in. carol will get her box out as soon as her house emptys out.Aggscot sorry but this trade is over, I think your post maybe meant for the seed exchange. hugs to all carol

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Dirt, I'm so thrilled you liked what I sent. Susie is sending me a copy of the rules, because I can't seem to find them. I will send it to you and if you agree with them you are in. I will be your big sis :O) :O)

I will post this on the old thread also so you can see it.


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Hello everyone, I am the MIA newbie rennep. Actually I have not been missing just deprived of modern conveniences due to the flooding that we are dealing with. Everyone that needs rain, I have much more than my share. I am excited to be allowed to participate in this round robin. I have been blessed to be paired with Melinda, Ilovefarac, she is wonderful. I would be honored to be a part of this group if Melinda likes her box of goodies. Everyone please keep her in your prayers and thoughts until her health issues are resolved. Thanks for allowing me to participate. rennep

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Hi All! I have read the rules,and I agree to all of them.
Annie, I would be honored to have you as my big sister. Thanks for allowing me to join the group.

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Reposting this over here.Sorry to all that read it already.

My box just got here & I'm in plant heaven! Inside there is:
'All Fired Up' Daylily
'Prairie Blue Eyes' Daylily
Pink with lime throat Daylily

'Candy Apple' dwarf Iris   
'Clarence' Iris   
'Congratulations' Iris   
'Going My Way' Iris   
'Harvest Of Memories' Iris   
'Jean Marie' Iris   
'Jessie's Song' Iris   
'Lemon Chess' Iris   
'Ron' Iris   
Yellow Iris   
Liatris spiked Gay Feather   

Monarda'Marshall's Delight'

Tall garden phlox 'David'   
Purple Coneflower   
Also included were plant tags with the names on one side & the year & Annie's name on the other.Now I'll always remeber who gave them to me and when.As if I could forget! I now have iris with NAMES!!((dancing))I love EVERYTHING!!!Thanks again Annie! 
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Hi All,
I got home late from work and the box was waiting for me! Sarah sent a wonderful box of healthy plants, and a few other goodies.
She sent:
Large fans of a cream colored iris that she loves. I'm sure I will love it too.
Purple liatris
Cinnamon Fern
Ladies Mantle
A Red Rose
Ladies Mantle
White Datura starts
A pretty Caladium
Sweet Woodruff

She also sent 2 books, a very interesting cookbook called 'The Pharoh's Feast' which is a great new addition to my collection, and a Mrs. Greenthumbs book which I know I will get some good laughs out of! Also she sent a scented soap from Montana where she is originally from, that is so sweet, and she wrapped it in a little crocheted(or is it knitted?) blue doily. Lastly she put in a calendar from Cornell Plantations all the photos are so pretty. I want to go visit.
Thanks Sarah for such a well put together box!

I know Sarah want to join and I would recommend her : )
I will send her the info that Susie emailed today.

Have a goodnight,

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

everything seems to be really going well with this swap, carol. you did great organizing it and pairing everyone up. it will be so great to have some new blood in the OBF and i for one look forward to getting to know the new members.

if the new members did NOT receive a questionnaire to complete, please email me and i will send it to you, (unless of course sue is collecting names and email addresses and will do this at one time once everyone decides they are joining). please just write obf questionnaire in your subject line and let me know your gw name if it differs from your email.

welcome aboard.

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I'm looking forward to getting to know all the new members too! I agree Maryanne, Carol did a wonderful job coordinating the Newbie/Oldie swap!


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Thankyou ladies, I feel a little out of it, but happy you enjoyed the swap, couldn't have done it wihout susie and Earthly. Brandykay Anita needs your addy and wish list. two sons showed up today so only 1 daughter missing. Recieved a beautiful wolf necklace from Susie. love it Susie, thankyou. hugs to all Carol

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I received my box from debbya today. Deb thank you so much for everything. It arrived in great shape, very healthy looking.

I got:
Bronze Ajuga groundcover
Autumn Joy Sedum, I've been wanting this
"Night Before Christmas" Hosta, such a cute one
Cactus, Optunia, a new one for me
Burrow Tail Type groundcover cuttings
Succulent, Yellow Bloom cuttings
Box of Wildflower Mix Seeds

I love everything. Deb, I'm new to rooting cuttings. Any pointers. Should I put them in water or soil to root them?

Deb, it has finally cooled down a bit so your box will be going out Monday.

Thanks again,

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HI everyone,
Remy sent me the rule page and I agree to the conditions. I would love to become part of the group. I haven't gotten an email about the questionnaire yet, so I'll just send a note to maryanne right now. Thank you, Remy, for welcoming me in, and I look forward to getting to know you all.


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Sorry pinky hit the cap again :( I know cut it off

I received my box from lisa/playndurt
My Critters & I are very pleased with what we RECEIVED.
1st out of the box was
ORVILlE REDENBACHERS popcorn mini bags love my popcorn &
so do my birds :)
next was 2 pouches of Kitty Treats whiskers licking tender moments & whiskas Temptations ,
next were SPECIAL Gloves For triming & pruing ROSE's
they are so very nice & trust me I will be needing them :))
when doing my roses .
NEXT: fruit'N honey seed sticks for my birds :))) they love these big ones :)
NEXT WAS: Large Print jumbo circle-A-word daddy likes doing these .
Now For me when I have time to lay back
I can have my pick of Cinnamon Hazelnut,Raspberries'N' cream , or Kahlua Vanilla creme coffee while I turn on
the dvd player & watch a dbl feature of CITY OF ANGLES
with nicolas cage & meg ryan & "MICHAEL " Starring none other then yep JOHN TRAVOLTA 2 movies I have not seen & very Happy to be able to sit in my own home & watch them .
thank you so much lisa for all the very nice & thought full gifts we will all enjoy these tonight my birds ,cats & myself :)) tonight is movie night for me :))
I will be very Pleased to be your big sister
if you decide to join our group
Lisa I will send you a copy of the guidelines & if you decide you would like to join our group email maryanne for the information form to fill out & return .
put my gw name on it for being your big sister.

thank you also carol very nice swap .

have a great day all its time to take dad to town
chat more later .

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Hello everyone. :-) SGuanzon and I will be swapping boxes on Monday. With her recommendation, I would love to join the group too! Hopefully she'll enjoy everything I send!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. It's ONLY 105 today...so I' was outside playing in the garden until 10AM! LOL, Hubby says I must REALLY love my garden, or be a few bricks short of a load to be outside in the heat. But I'll take breezy and 105, over 114 any day. (Wow, just reading that makes me think I am a bit crazy) lol

I'm trying to get my new veggie garden bed tilled and ammended so I can start my fall planting in a few weeks. Anyone else in the group do veggie gardens? If so, what are you growing?


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boballi(8 Central Valley CA)

Hi seraki!

I'm glad to see your getting a 10 degree break, too. Our 110 wasn't any fun either. (Too hot to play)

DH and I bought our house last August, so, this is my first year to garden. So far this summer, we have harvested: 'Wando' peas*, potatoes, corn, and strawberries. I (got a late start) have growing: tomatoes, melons, squash, and cucumbers. I hope to be planting some pumpkins soon.

*I highly recommend 'Wando' peas for anyone living in a warmer climate. These peas have been producing through our 100 temps. Unbelievable!

Boballi : )

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Wow! All my friends with veggies have such a hard time through the heat. Hopefully, monsoons are right around the corner though. We seriously need some rain! Glad to hear yours are going so well! I'll have to pick some on those up for when I plant peas.

We bought this house to late in the season to do any veggies. We spent the first few months here fixing up the inside. I'm getting summer fever having all these seed packs, and I can't plant them yet!!! The only thing I have going other than flowers & vines are my sweet potatoes. Those were easy, and I just did them in 30gal rubbermaids. Those absolutely LOVE this heat though. It will be so much fun have fresh veggies for turkey day this year!!! Especially our first year in this house.

Excuse me, now that I have rambled a bit! LOL

Seraki :D

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OK, a bit of detective work, but I think Brandy may be MIA, I sure hope she is OK, I have personally sent her an E-mail letting her know I need her info.

No post from her regarding our swap after the 24th of June.
June 12th she posted to join the swap.
June 20th checked to make sure the swap was a go.
June 24th her wish list was posted & she told you she sent her info twice. Question mark by her name, met you did not have it yet.
July 11th & 13th I posted that I needed her info.
July 14th I E-mailed her.

How long do I have to give her to respond to my E-mail? Our ship date is fast approaching, sorry to be a PITA, but I really don't want to try to do a swap at the last minute, I like to have time to ponder the persons list & pick carefully.

ATTENTION ANYONE I MAY TRADE WITH---DO NOT LET MY LIST INTIMIDATE YOU!! My list is so old & in drastic need of updating, I no longer have several of the plants listed on it, Other than Daylilies I don't mark lost on them as I should, or old & died out, as I should.


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Melinda Hagen

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am mailing my box to Rennep tomorrow! I hope she enjoys it! I am sure I will love mine from her when I receive. I'll be sure and post! Will also post dc # then.
I am sure I will want to be her big sister! Also hazelnutbunny was going to be in this swap but had to decline. She would also like to join the obf group and I will also be big sis to her and highly recommend her! I rec'd a wonderful box from her in another thing and she is a sweetheart! So if ok with everyone could someone plmk or her and send her the rules and questionnaire. I sent the rules to rennep but not the questionnauire. So if someone could also please send them to her! Thanks! Melinda

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I guess you all consider me a newbie to this group but i have had the pleasure of receiving from hazelnutbunny, and she was a wonderful person to talk to, and she really helped me ..so I would love for her to be a part of our group.

Sue, I should have your box out on Tues, I enjoyed going shopping today for the swap, and hope you will enjoy all the goodies.

If anyone could send some rain my way, It would be greatly appreciated. It keeps getting overcast, but no rain.

We found baby fish in our pond today, my son was soo excited. The pond is only about 6 weeks old, and we are all really enjoying it.

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Hi All! I'll be leaving to spend two weeks in Eugene,OR with my family on Tuesday night.Will try to pop on every once in awhile to see whats shaking.I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't interested in being part of the group.But haven't seen them in two years, so computer time will have to take a backseat while I'm out there.Will fill out questionnaire as soon as I get it.I know folks are busy on the weekends.Later....

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Thank you for the wonderful recommendation, ilovefarac & flwrs4ever!!!!! Ya'll are so sweet!
I would love to be part of this great group, if everyone will have me! :O)

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HI all,
I just wanted to ask again for the newbie questionnaire. I definately want to be in this group, and I'd like to answer the questionnaire so I can officially join. Thanks, and I hope everyone is having a great day

Sarah (smh78)

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Hello everyone. Sue and I met today to swap boxes. First, what a nice woman! SO thoughtful! Ok, so here's what I got:

Ornamental Grasses
Yellow spotted with green leaves houseplant
Hibiscus- Cairo Pink (can't wait to see the blooms!)
pole beans, amish melon, chinese cucumber, mild jubilee tomato, coleus rainbow mix, ornamental gourds, chioggia winter squash, yard long beans, rosita eggplant, 6 kinds of basil (YAY!!!), oregano, cilantro, lavender & purple sage. I can't wait for the weather to cool so I can plant all those seeds!!!

Also garden gloves & pruning shears. Toffee scented candle, smells YUMMY! Gardeners hand healer lotion & body sorbet. OOH LA LA!! An absolutley beautiful table runner & wine grape wall decor. (Goes perfect with my house decor too) An hanging planter. Oh and for my boys, a parrot wind sock. Which they have already named 'Our birdy outside' LOL Also a box of nerds candy (which they are not getting tonight, I don't want them all wired up and not going to bed! lol I need to go outside and plant all the fun stuff!

Again Sue, thank you so much. You put so much thought in to the box, and I really appreciate it.

Again, if I have your recomendation, I would love to join the group.

Happy gardening!

Ananda (Seraki)

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

As Ananda mentioned she and I met to exchange boxes since we live within a few miles of each other. We packed our boxes as if we were going to send them.

I am so impressed by her thoughtfulness and the wonderful plants she enclosed. I believe she must truly have a green thumb.

I received a wonderful succulent ground cover, some of her famous air potato vine (I really hope I can keep this going!), some house ivy, a baby elephant ear, and some lily, acidanthus and gladiolas bulbs. She also enclosed a wonderful assortment of seeds (I too can't wait until cool weather to get them started), some healing garden lotion and spray and a beautiful hibiscus plaque.

I would definitely recommend Ananda for our group.

Sue G.

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Anita, I think if Brandykay hasn't answered you by tomorrow. she is out, sorry, if you wanna do a trade with the girl Susie reccommended, who wants into our group, please contact her. I had a wonderful b day party yesterday with all my kids. I thought them being here was enough of a gift but I got lots of wolves and mini roses. happy, happy carol. hugs

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

ATTENTION - if you want the questionnaire, like i mentioned in my post above, please send me an email. the only one i have heard from that asked for it was boballi and have already sent it to her and just waiting for her to complete it and return.

if you intend on being a part of this group, you should email me. please make sure you put in the subject line "OBF questionnaire" and make sure somewhere in your email you tell me who your sponsor is so i can keep our records straight. i will need your garden web name if it differs from your email address. i will send the questionnaire to you as soon as i receive your email.

do i assume that everyone expressing an interest in joining has received our guidelines?


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I missed your birthday too?!!! Well, HAPPY(belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
I know it was wonderful with all you kids there. What more of a present could you have, right? : )

Ananda and Sue G.,
How cool!! You went and met. That turned out excellent.
If you do need any more veggie seeds, please don't hesitate to ask me especially tomatoes.

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earthly: just sent ya two e-mails, requesting the questionaire,plus one from the other day.I hope they are coming through.Annie said she will be my big sister.I have read the guidelines & agree to them. Would love to be part of the group!Please let me know if you recieve them .
Please ! email addresses stallcleaner77@windstream.net or stallcleaner77@yahoo.com Thank you!

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I posted this on the old thread, but Sue didnt see it, so I am reposting it on this thread...org posted july 12th

Ok, I am sure I will miss something..but I got a ton of plants..and my hubby already wants them for his area...I told him to do his own swap..tee hee.

I received...candy lily
trumpet vine
cinnamon fern
woodland sedum
2 unknown plants
blue beard cryopteris veriagted snowf fairy
and a few more..

also a cute garden rock that says welcome friends, oh..and a ton of seeds.

Thanks again Sue, and i hope you enjoy what I am sending..I am still working on your box.

I am sorry I wont be posting a picture as some are in the ground already...but I am sooo thankful !

Cant wait to see and hear what everyone gets !!

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Remy, thanks! I have a TON of tomato seeds right now, so a bunch are going in containers as it is! lol Since this is my first year *really* gardening, I don't want to get too overloaded. Let's see how it goes this first year. I am so scared everything is going to whither away and die on me! I've been known to sit there and talk to my plants at night. LOL "It's OK honey, just grow for me!" I'll let you know when I'm ready for some more seeds! lol

Sue - that Air potato vine will take off SO fast. I have mine in partial sun in the backyard patio. It's growing 3-6" PER DAY right now. I literally took a step back the other day after work I was so surprised at its growth.

Maryanne - I'll be sending you an email right now!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!


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Oh, one more quick thing...

IT RAINED LAST NIGHT! lol Me and the hubby sat outside and watched all the pretty thunder and lightning. LOL I was think yay I don't have to water today! It rained for a good 2 hours at my house too. It was a very nice change from the heat.

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boballi(8 Central Valley CA)

Thanks Earthly!

I got the questionaire. I'm sorry I haven't been able to fill it out yet. (We've been extremely busy with County Fair projects.) I want to spend quality time on it, and hope to get it back to you later this week.

Thanks Again!
Boballi : )

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I got my box from Sue last week and just haven't gotten around to posting.
I got a large box packed full of goodies.

Porcelain Vine
some unknown irises
woodland sedum
siloam double rose daylily
zella virginia daylily
orange trumpet vine
a couple of amaryllis
Caesar's Brother iris
candy lily
bonnet columbine
a few other plants that I am not sure what they are, my husband potted them up and didn't write down the names that were on the wrappers.
Sue also sent me a lot of seeds, a really wonderful assortment... trees, flowers, vegetables, all kinds of things.
A couple of non-plant items--a nice candle and holder, a dry erase board, a really great books about how flowers got their names.

Sue, thank you so much!


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She did not respond to me, I have no clue what Sue you are talking about.. Help this poor country girl out.

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Vic, are you out there? Hope all is okay with you. Just a reminder that I will be out of town next week starting Tuesday so unless you are sending today, please wait until The very end of July to send. I come back 7/31.

Glad that everyone is enjoying their boxes and making new friends. Carol, this swap was a great idea!


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Sorry for the delay! It has been very hectic for me with Hubby in Montana, working full time, a 2yr old, new puppy, and trying to get ready to go to MT for a week! Last week I got 6 big boxes of plants that I had to get in the ground.

I am so ready for vacation!

I hope you like it!
DC# 0103 8555 7491 3617 5112

Also, is there somewhere I can find out just what your group is about? Do you do swaps on a regular basis? I just don't want to make any commitments till things settle down for me a bit. (That is if Theresa is willing to adopt me!)

Take care everyone!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

Ladies - i'm experiencing delays in my email provider, so once i can get in, i'll send the questionnaires out. i've tried twice at different time intervals, but both times, they are performing maintainance on their server.

Vic and any others that are on the fence about whether you want to participate, i'm more than happy to give you some information on Our Bloomin Friends group.

WeÂve been together since April of 2006. Each month the swap changes, based on what the host has selected as her theme for the month. Themes have already been selected for the year; although there are instances where the hostess and/or theme could change barring unfortunate circumstances. We share both gardening and non-gardening items; but focus on plants during the growing season.

Packages are sent within the time frame set by the host. Requirements are that you are a fair, honest and reliable trader; should be a member of GW for 3 to 6 months and have had a trade with a few members of this group. If you scroll above in one of the posts you can see a listing of the group membership names. This is not a one month group, it's committed. You donÂt have to participate every month, but commit to anywhere between one-half to ¾ of the swaps that go on yearly. Even if you are not participating, still come to the boards and chat, discuss your garden, share your blooms/pictures, etc. Each month you should always check the new post and comment whether or not it is your intention to play and then check back for assigned partner.

We also "reward" the hostess of the particular month's swap with a small token of appreciation for putting it together and keeping track and all the in between - it could be a plant, seeds/bulbs, personal trinket or anything of your choice. You must also post when you send, which should be done so with confirmation number, and for certain post when you receive your package.
If this still sounds like something you would be interested in, please email carol (veeja3@wmconnect.com). We are a wonderful group, if I do say so myself!


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Thanks Maryanne! I am still very interested in joining the group. Sue had sent me one of those questionnaires, so if it's OK, I'll just fill that out and get it to Carol. (I filled it out pretty quick for Sue, but I am starting to know my likes/dislikes a lot better now) lol

You better go kick that email provider in the bum!

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Deb - Your box is on it's way.
Conf # 0307 0020 0002 6726 3969

Let me know when you get it. I'm interested in whether it arrives in good shape or not as I tried your packing technique.

I'd like to be included in the group when this trade is over if Deb would be willing to be my big sister.

Deb, hope you like what I sent.


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Melinda Hagen

Hello Everyone! Hope all is well and every one is staying cool!
I wanted to let Rennep know her box is on the way! The dc # is 0306 3030 0002 2501 4151. Plmk when you receive!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

ATTENTION - new members. i have sent the questionnaire to each of you that sent me an email. i also sent the guidelines out to two of you who asked.

seraki, please fill out the quesitonnaire i sent you, it differs a bit, because oyu are new and then send it back to me.

both melissa and renne stated melinda is their sponsor. is that correct?

i'm suffering all over my arms from poison ivy - the worst case i've ever gotten and i get it every year, you think i would learn. nothing is working this time around.

i'm going ot post our new people in the august swap board, but ladies, please do go their and say hello!


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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Hi all.....got a wonderful box today from Vic_zn5 ! Thanks so much Vic. Hope it's okay if I post the contents tomorrow. Today's been crazy and still not over....Thanks so much Vic. Hope you join OBF!

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I received a wonderful box from Sandy! (Shadymeadow)
I'll post what was in the package tomorrow. I'll gladly be Sandy's Big Sis! She really packs a great box! All the plants arrived in perfect condition!


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Ok, I'm back. I had so many things to do yesterday that it took me until this afternoon to catch up with everything. The dogs went to the vet (what a project!) Taking three dogs at one time is way too much. Plus, my Husband decided to stay home from work! My entire day was thrown off..
Anyways, let me tell you about Sandy's really neat package!

Sandy's plants are still in the original packaging and look fantastic, healthy and perfectly crisp! I'll plant them today as soon as I'm finished typing this.

Sandy sent- (very generous portions too many I add)

Noid Lily (can't wait to see this bloom)
Noid Blue Iris (I only have purple, so I'm really looking forward to having a 'blue')
Red hot poker daylily (yay, named!)
Variegated Hosta (lots of variegation, really pretty!)
Ajuga "Golden Glow" (very pretty!)
and a few noid succulents, one is a Hen's and chick! I love those! I started a rock garden recently, and need succulent type plants to add to it.

Easter lily bulbs, mixed
Suet cake for the birds (the Bridgeview birds thank you Sandy!)
Chocolate flower seeds!

Thank you so much Sandy! I love everything you sent! Your package was perfect! I highly recommend Sandy!

Welcome to the group!

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Phew! Okay...first chance I've had to sit down and post. This is what Vic sent me in my wonderful box:
Scented Geranium (really been wanting these)
Purple Coneflower
Large variegated hosta
Sweet William
Yellow Coreopsis
Cute little sedum that I didn't have yet
Avon body wash (raspberry)
Everything was very well packed and looked very healthy despite arriving on our hottest day so far! Luckily things have cooled down since yesterday and we had a very good rain today so I think all will fair well. Thanks so much for putting such effort into packing it well Vic. Made the difference for sure! Vic is definitely a keeper :)
Welll, getting ready to leave for a week is hard since the day we get back is the day football starts for my boys AND back-to-school season for me. Take Care all.

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Hi all!!

I received the most wonderful box today from Melinda, ilovefarac. Thank you so much Melinda--I'm speechless and believe me that is not something I can say often. LOL
I spent all afternoon planting my prizes. Even my mail lady is jealous. Yes, she stayed to see what I received. Another plus for country living, everyone has their priorities right. Well here goes with the list of delights:

6 dwarf purple irises
6 liatris spirata bulbs
6 lily of the valley plants
6 noid irises
4 irises "Immortality"
3 irises "Divine"
Bill McKnight dahlia bulbs
variegated Japanese water iris
purple Siberian iris
several red flowering quince
several Japanese Kerria Japonica
Named daylilies!!!
Magic Age
Platinum Palette Orange Frost
Theresa Hall
Garfield Ave.
Cranberry Chalice
Corrington Pink
a really nice journal notebook
NY Times Crossword Puzzle book
Big Print Find-A-Word book
and a beautiful dragonfly garden decoration to join my other dragonflies!!!
and a great Friends notepad too!!
Pinch me because I'm sure I am in garden heaven!!!
Even some of my Jack Russell Terriers helped me plant this afternoon between rains. In the last two months we have only had 4 days without rain. I actually had to water yesterday and then it rained again! I wish I could share with all that need the rain. Thanks again Melinda and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful group.


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Melinda Hagen

You are very welcome Renne'! I am glad you got and really like it! Hope I didn't duplicate anything you may have had! May they all do well for you! I thought the named irises might go in your purple and white bed! Have a great day! Melinda

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Ok bunny your box is finally on its way conf number 03030020000172914246. hope you like it. hugs carol

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I got a GREAT box from veeja today!
Here's what was inside:

A VERY nice lotion set! (vanilla & musk! My favorite!)
queen of the night
2 succulents
asiatic lily bulbs
A very cute keychain kit!
plant markers

A VERY NICE box!! Thank you Carol! I love it! :O) :O)

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Hi All!!!

Theresa, I'm glad you liked what you got! I hope it was all still alive! lol

I'm back from Montana! I told Hubby before I went that I was NOT MOVING TO MONTANA! NO, NO, NO!!!!
Well, I'm looking for a place in Montana! LMAO!!
It is the most beautiful place I have ever been to! And sooo clean! No garbage, cig butts, gum wrappers, anything on the ground! They WILL fine you $500.00 if you drop as much as a gum wrapper. (at least that's what I was told)

That Elk was on the side of the road, I walked right up to him! And the Buffalo was just strolling down the side of the road!
And yes, that is snow that Zack is sitting on the rock in, it was 94 degrees that day!
It is just unbelievable!
I would move now, but have to do something with our house here in MI first!


Here is a link that might be useful: more pics

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Now, a word on joining your group.
Yes, I would love to (if you would take me!) However, right now I cannot commit to a monthly swap, and I'm not sure I could even do enough of them to make if "fair" to everyone. I just have so much going on and I realy am trying to get things set so we can make the move to MT by spring. But I hope that maybe once all that happens and I get settled I will still be invited! I told Jamie that I am taking all of my plants with me so we have to have a big yard! I have gotten quite a few things here with the swaps and trades and I am not about to leave it all behind!

Yes, life is good!

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Please post if you have not recieved your box, so far sue k is the only one I know hasn't recieved, will her partner please send her box. anyone else please post here if you haven't recieved. thankyou carol

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Melinda Hagen

I haven't rec'd mine yet, but not worried! She said she was waiting on something she ordered and would mail as soon as she got it. Thanks

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I am sorry to end up being the last to mail out, as I told Sue I have been real Ill and it was unexpected complications of recovering from an auto accident...so I am sorry.

Sue, here is your comfirmation number


you should have it by Monday at the latest, I didnt use two day as I didnt send plants, since you listed more home items..and it would of cost twice as much in postage..if it had been plants I would have.

I cant wait to hear what you think of the items, and I hope you enjoy them !



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Never fear the box is Here :))) & oh what a very nice box worth waiting for :)))


kym sent me this wonderful FROG To Guard my plants
he's so cute going to call him MR PEEPER"S :)))
He was guardening all these other goodies through their travel ,
a hanging gardening plaque "Heavy "
box of very nice stationary & Plant trade journal book, pair of gardening gloves , 3 pks of nice Herbs pennyroyal ,Marjoram, & fennel best of all I have a NEW BULB PLANTER :)) I broke mine last fall trying to plant the 200 bulbs I had : ) & now i have 50 plant sticks to hold up some of my drooping plants in pots ,HEHEHE You thought I was going to say pot plants didnt you :))) nope not here :)

kym i love all the thought you put into the box very nice
& If you get to feeling better & feel that you might like to join our group please contact maryann for our guidelines
& info sheets .

very nice swap carol you can put it to bed ;))) .


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Sue, I am glad you like it all, and again I am sorry for the delay...I had a good time picking it all out. I just couldnt resist that frog, he was just too cute:)

I hope he watches over your garden and makes your plants grow in leaps and bounds..LOL

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