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irun5kDecember 27, 2011

I was able to locate a Makok Sapodilla at the local outdoor market on Christmas Eve. It seemed like a reasonable buy for $45 but at any rate they are somewhat hard to come by around here.

Anyway I am eager to hear your advice on this plant. I have researched it for several hours but have some lingering questions.

The only pruning advice I could find was that tipping, as you'd do with a young mango, probably isn't a good idea. So, should it be pruned when the time comes to maximize shape & strength, and minimize impact on fruit production?

Second, what is the maturity period specifically for Makok? Sapodillas in general aooear to have a wide range (4-9+ months?) depending on the cultivar, from what I have read.

Lastly, it is in a 3gal nursery pot right now but I'm thinking of moving it to a nicer 5gal pot. I know plenty of drainage is a given but any other recommendations or will any tapered fiberglass/resin style pot be OK? Also, any recommendations on soil?

As you can see it has some fruit already. I think the grower had this tree for a while, she mentioned when it was younger it didn't produce fruit but then all of a sudden it became a fairly prolific producer.

Thanks in advance! I'm excited to have this tree since we love the fruit and the true dwarf characteristics are very appealing.

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You got a fantastic deal on that tree. That tree is around 3 years old.

The makok is the only dwarf sapodilla that I know of. It's also incredibly productive. If you don't thin the fruit they are small and extremely sweet. It's a good idea to thin the fruit. You shouldn't need to prune it.

If you're not going to put it into the ground, I'd put it into a 7 gallon pot. It would be happy in a 7gal pot for quite a while (2 or 3 years?).


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Ohh I take that back: Silas Woods is the other dwarf sapodilla out there :-).


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oh wow, congrats on the awesome acquisition.

$45 bucks!!! are you kiddin' me? Here in CA, that would be a 15-gal plant, don't ask how much :(


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beautiful looking tree- enjoy

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Nice sapodilla tree!

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Thanks guys, I was happy to find a tree of this size for this price.

I think I will take the advice given to repot in a 7 gal. If nothing else I will use a good draining potting soil- but I'm wondering if any of you have used Al's gritty mix for your fruit trees? I have been hearing (well, seeing) lots of chatter about this mix.

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