what happens if you transplant and then it's cloudy & rainy?

srg215(6b nj)May 8, 2012

what will happen if you transplant tomatoes and then it turns out to be cloudy & rainy for a week?

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Its better if its cloudy, to certain extent if rainy unless plants get flooded or washed out. I prefer cloudy/rainy over 90 degrees high heat. this will give time to establish in cooler climate and will not wilt or go into transplant shock

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That's when I prefer to plant. It gives the new transplants a chance to acclimate without getting the additional stress of blistering heat and sun. Especially if the roots were disturbed during the process.

Here is a link that might be useful: my tomatoes and garden

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I had a large tree rose to put in the dirt and I decided the recent overcast spell we have had in SoCal was my last best hope this summer! Happy to report the patient is doing just fine! Linda

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