Late Mango: Beverly or Kent

johnb51(FL 10a)December 8, 2011

I'm in the process of planning a new garden of tropical fruit trees. I intend to plant 3 (compact, small-size, easily managed)mango trees so that I have mangoes all summer. I think I'm going with Glenn and Mahachanok, but still need a late mango. It looks like it might be either Neelum or Bevery, which are totally different in flavor, right? I'd love to have a Kent, but don't have enough space. How close in flavor is Beverly to Kent, and what are your experiences in growing it? Or is Neelum so superior that I should just forget the Kent flavor, and go with Neelum? Please, mango experts/connoisseurs, help me out!

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johnb51(FL 10a)

So sorry. Subject should read, "Late Mango: Neelum or Beverly?."

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I have a small Neelum tree, but I have not yet tried one.

I prefer Kent to the Beverly...

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I have had Neelums a feel they are an inconsistent mango quality-wise. Some are excellent and some are average. If comparing comparable grown fruit, in my opinion, Neelums are better then both Kent and Beverly. I don't see anything special about a Kent.


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Neelums are small fruits, right? Is the tree a vigorous grower?


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mangomandan(10 FL)

Neelums are quite different in flavor from Beverly and Kent. A pleasant spicy flavor, but not the rich tutti fruity flavor of a good Kent. Perhaps different growing conditions make a difference. I'm in Lake Worth, Florida.
My Neelum is the only mango tree I have that has suffered from mummification of the fruit the last couple years. I don't think it is related to being a Neelum, though. Maybe bad luck or the fact that all the other mangos are gone before this problem comes along.

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Why not the Keitt? It is a very late bearer here in FL and is an excellent mango.

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JF - yes, the fruits are small but packed with flavor. They have a strong, sweet flavor. If you don't like a strong flavored mango, then the Neelum is not for you. The tree is not a vigorous grower, and with proper pruning can be kept quite small and manageable.

Bluepalm - I consider Keitt a commercial type mango. While some are good, a lot are just of that "mango" flavor. A mix of sweet and tart but not a lot of complexity. Again, this is all subjective and I would never mean for somebody to feel that they are wrong for liking any variety of mango, or any other fruit for that matter. I think the biggest issue for JF is that the Keitt, while not a huge tree, it is a medium size tree that is open with a sprawling growth habit. It will take up some space.


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John, you mentioned you wanted 3 compact trees correct? Here are my suggestions:

1. Angie (early season)
2. Pickering, Fairchild or Julie
3. Neelum (late season)

The other trees such as Keitt are great late season mangos but as Rob mentioned, they are large trees.


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Can't help you on the Beverly vs kent, but I would pick something other than a Glenn for your other choice. There are many better options than a Glenn for what you are looking for. Most of the time in FL Glenns are just a watery average tasting in my opinion.

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whats a better choice overall a kent or a glenn mango tree

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johnb51(FL 10a)

Glenn is a smaller, more compact tree. Personally I like the flavor of Kent better. It's richer and sweeter. Also, Kent fruit is generally larger than Glenn. If you have the space, I'd recommend going with Kent.

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

What about Gouveia?

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