please help with Annona ID

esco_socalDecember 1, 2010

Hey everyone, can someone please help me identify which type of Atemoya this is?

Other than the slight bitter taste where flesh is closest to the skin, it was sweet with little tart (for my taste at least). Very fine texture and a 1.5 out of 5 for chewiness. Oh yea, it's a bit out of character but this had the smoothest skin in comparison w/other fruits on the same tree.

around 1.5LB

thin skin

fat seeds



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To me it looks like a gefner.


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Andrew Scott

Hey Tim,
I cannot tell by looking at the pic but if you sent me a fruit, I could taste it and maybe ID it! LMAO, I don't know S*** about the atemoyas but they look delicious! i have a potted tree that is grafted with bud wood of an African Pride atemoya and then the Sabor cherimoya. I bought the tree from Roger Meyer last year. I cannot wait for fruits. Maybe next year I hope!

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Hey Jeff your email tab is not activated, I was just on Amazon looking at the avocado picking head and noticed you posted a review of it. I was thinking of buying a fruit picker and would appreciate your input. Now that you have had a chance to use it a while I am interested in your feedback. Please drop me an email me when you have a chance:) Thanks

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You know, the more I look at the other pictures, I think it might not be a gefner. I almost wonder if it could be a 97-1.

marinfla: You are correct that was me :-). I've been using the fruit picker for a few years now and here's what I can tell you about it: It works fantastically. The one drawback is that you can't leave the dern thing outside here in Florida. Within a year it got rusted (but still works well) and within 2 years the bag rotted. My wife dutifully sewed another bag, but it didn't last long. I'd fully recommend it if you are careful to store it away in the garage after use. I'm way too lazy.. and just left it outside :-). PS. A pool cleaner pole works perfect and was pretty cheap.


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marinfla(10 South Florida)

esco socal... is this Annona tree in your yard? Maybe you could take or email the pictures to a local tree nursery that has a lot of experience and trades in Annona sp. I am reading what I can find and trying to learn a lot about Cherimoyas myself since I have 8 baby seedlings growing out back that I germinated the 1st of October. They are doing very well so far.

JeffHagen... Thanks. Are you Fort Lauderdale? Davie? We really should have a South Florida Gardenweb get together so we can all put faces to the posts!!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I'd have to vote against Gefner as the ID. The shape is much more pointed at the bottom than any Gefner I have seen. But, I do not profess to be any kind of expert on this. I can definitely say that it is not Page or 48-26 (Lisa).....but that's a no brainer if you know those fruits.


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Thanks for all the responses and inputs.
No, this tree isn't mine. My aunt's tree actually.

I'm not familiar with Page but you're right, it's defintely not Lisa.

I think Jeff is warm with the 97-1. I tried comparing pics found online (hopefully they're correctly labeled) and found a couple that are very close to what I had. But I can't find any other info on 97-1.

What gets me is the slight bitterness right under the skin. On Hort purdue, Mammoth is the only mentioned one to have this issue. But the flesh there isn't brown or anything close, it's light green.


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Ok I got another opinion from a friend who thinks it could possibly be a Priestly.

marinfla: Yep, I'm in Fort Lauderdale. I know a couple of folks on this list here in the area. There's definitely a decently sized group of fruit enthusiasts here ;-).


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