Euros or Reds for apt in Brooklyn

crazieddeFebruary 7, 2012

I have question.

I leave in apartment in Brooklyn

I have 2 pounds of reds and 2 pound euro

Need more as I produce more wastes then they handle.

Need about 5 pounds worms extra

Which worms should I go with? Euros or Reds?

euro seems to produce drier and neater compost

Where reds seems to be more settle and less escapees, also less stressed when relocated

But Euros seems to be into card boards a lot, when reds are really enjoy peels I think....

Are those observations correct?

I only compost for a month

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Stay with what you have. In a few months your 4 pounds of worms will become 10 pounds, if your bins are big enough and you feed them enough. There is no need to buy more.

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