Haul it all in.

phoenix7801January 5, 2014

Accuweather is forecasting 13 degrees for early Tuesday morning so I'd say bring everything in. You lose a bit of cold hardiness if your plants are in pots. I can't even begin imagining what were going to lose at the botanical gardens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hard Freeze Tuesday

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Thanks. I just brought in my potted lemon tree, though my potted kales are still outside. I suppose I should haul them in as well. They survived the ice storm like champs.

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Potted kales inside--and they are frozen solid. They look so perky and pretty but you squeeze them at all and you can feel how solid they are. Here's hoping I didn't wait too long to bring them in. It was actually your post that reminded me to do it so thanks.

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Aw poor kale! I didn't bother with my potted oleander. It stayed out and unprotected from any of the freezes we've had. Its leaves have turned a sad, sickly tan/yellow/olive shade. I know oleanders are tough but I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it can recover. Wasn't too upset over this. The oleander, while pretty when blooming, isn't a personal favorite.

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