How do I transfer my worms?

homeinametronomeFebruary 16, 2013


My box is beginning to get a bit crowded, and I am thinking about taking some of the worms out to set up a composting bin for my friend.

What is the most ideal way to transport them?

Can I put them all in a small plastic yogurt container with holes in it for a few hours?

He lives 45 minutes away from me. He will have the box prepared by the time I get there.

Or should I just make an entirely new bin at my home and carry it all to my friends house? I don't want to do this because its so heavy and I am taking the bus, but if this is what I have to do to ensure the worm's safety, then I will. But I know that people order worms on the internet. What kind of packaging are they in?!

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You will do alright if you just put them into another plastic container (like a yogurt jug) with some vermicompost and fresh bedding. Just make sure you poke lot's of holes to ensure it has good ventilation. The best way to get your friend going is to try and pick out breeding adults from your bin to give to him. That will ensure they begin to populate his bin immediately.

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espor(z5 PA)

What I would do is give your friend some vermicompost from your bin first (no worms). Have him mix this into his new bins bedding, wait a couple of weeks for the bedding to "ripen" and then give him the worms. The worms will basically be moving back "home" and there shouldn't be too much stress on them. The new bin will have the same microherd that were in the original bin at your house and will have had time to start the composting that feeds the worms.
Also, the yogurt container will be fine for the transfer.

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I think sending them via carrier pigeon would be optimal.

Just put them in a tub or bag and drive over.

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Go with the yogurt container. If it is only an hour or so, you don't really need to poke holes. Grab a handful or two of bedding from your bin, and the worms that come with it, put them in the yogurt container, and be on your way. The worms will be fine.

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