How to germinate Carambola (star fruit)

dlingyDecember 27, 2006

I just got about 10 starfruit seeds yesterday out of a star fruit. Does anyone have any germination tips?


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IÂve successfully started starfruit, but itÂs keeping the plants alive thatÂs difficult for me! IÂve started them using the paper towel method of wrapping the seeds in a damp paper towel and putting it in a sealed (though I poke a couple of small holes in the bag using a protractor) baggie, and placing it on top of my refrigerator. IÂve also planted seeds in soil or peat, sealed in a baggie, and placed it on top of the refrigerator too. Good luck!

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I planted 3 seeds in compost in a propagator and have 2 health plants now. They lose there lower leaves often but grow more rapidly even in the cold. at the moment as they are in a cold bedroom and its winter at the moment but they are very attractive plants and seam easy to grow. Love the way the leaves fold up like mimosa when touched. Bit slow in the cold though.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Stay away from fertilizer for a loooonnngg while. They'll grow straight up like a weed and won't be able to support themselves.

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never new that thank you.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

As for the fertilizer, it's from my own experience. I've also read somewhere before not to fertilize them. Beautiful plants and I couldn't believe how big they were getting...and when I say big, I mean tall. The first time I misted them, the whole plant just fell over! Ended up having to cut them all back...which ruined the overall shape. I have one seedling going...probably 8 months. I just planted 11 more seeds last night. I want to graft one when it reaches a graftable size.

Keep a close watch for spider mites. These plants seem to be quite the magnet for them. It's unbelievable. These plants, while young anyway, do not take well to harsh sprays. So if they do show up, spray with water only or at most an soap solution. I lost a 3 year old plant due to an ongoing battle with these pests. It was prime size for grafting too. I remember sitting with my plant and for a couple of hours inspecting every single leaf! I would mash ever mite I could find and even wipe each leaf just in case. What a pain! But it did give me some satisfaction of killing the little you-know-whats! Man, I hope it hurt!

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

It pays to know not to fert, I tried twice on star fruit, all end up being 8 feet tall in a year and knee down finally. It doesn't look pretty. I ferted them like a hell.

The most cruel way to kill spite mites is not by mashing. Actually by using soay water, spray the whole plant and then cover with a big plastic bag, oh, man, that's like a slow cooker, they must start crying right away.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I germinated some when I was moving once . I found some in a store along the way and I couldnt pass them up. I got a couple styrofoam containers from a taco bell (the ones the rice come in) Put potting mix in and moistened it -poked a few holes in the lid and in the bottom. I forgot about them and they stayed in my car for 2 wks. lol! Most of them sprouted anyways by the time I found them. I think it is more mportant to have fresh seed, heat and humidity.

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