Black Soldier Flies and Meal Worms

tey157(8b)February 15, 2013


I'm writing because I just learned of Black Soldier Flies. In edition I'm also interested in Meal Worms. If anyone has any information on them or experience farming/ growing them I would be grateful to learn more.

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Someone will be by in a bit to tell you where all the good BSFL websites are. We are primarily a vermicomposting worm site. We do talk about BSFL because it happens sometimes that with all the kitchen waste we add to our bins to feed the worms that BSFL co-habit the bin or even take it over. Some posters may feel BSFL are something to get rid of right away because they eat all of the food for the worms. Some posters may feel BSFL are a blessing that occur right when more material is available for the bin then the worms can handle right then. Then the worms eat the BSFL leavings which are great material for them. But the BSFL have a tendency to eat so fast that lots of moisture is left behind and the environment may not be worm exact.

Possibly somebody may be along to give you a bit of meal worm information. We do not specialize in that here. Other places do and they would have the good information on that.

If you are interested in BSFL and meal worms then perhaps might we interest you in vermicompost worms?

I am thinking you are not specifically interested in making use of kitchen scraps or making black gold for your garden. I bet 90% you are interested in feeding BSFL or meal worms to a reptile. 5% to fish. 5% to chickens.

I suggest trying to grow a bunch of things and one may work way better for you.

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

tey157 8b said
" If anyone has any information on them or experience farming/ growing them I would be grateful to learn more."

Here's a good place to start

Here is a link that might be useful: BlackSoldierFlyBlog and Forums

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