Moving house with worm farm

dalegribble(8b)February 25, 2012

Hello all,

I have been reading this forum with great interest. I am about to embark on the vermicomposting adventure :) However, I would like to know if anyone has any experience of moving apartment/house and taking their worms with them. I wouldn't want to get my worms settled and then have difficulties when I move in a year or two.


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I moved mine twice. Loaded them up in the car. They did fine. I moved within the same city though so I'm not sure about changing climates. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah it would be within the same city. I just wanted to know someone else had done it smoothly before taking the plunge.

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Mine were in a rolling compost bin when I moved. They didn't seem to mind...

Once I moved 50 miles, and then 104 miles.


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I had to move accross the country and I had the flow through barrel with over 100 pounds of compost in it. I skimmed the worms and bedding off the top and started my old rubbermaid bin back up. That way they had a home and there was no rush to do something with them. I bagged up the compost in a couple old corn bags. When I got settled in to my new home I put the barrel system back together and dumped them in. Pretty much started from scratch again.

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I recently moved (about 50 miles). I have two large Rubbermaid-type bins and they went into the moving truck along with everything else. Aside from worrying that the worms were going to escape during the move, they seem to have settled in fine.


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This is a few months later than the original post but thought I would add my experience. We moved 1600 miles. I harvested most of the worm casting leaving some behind for familiarity for the wormies enviro. I condensed the worms into a smaller bin for moving adding their favorite bedding and accommodations to avoid any "shock". If I remember correctly, I was able to condense it down to 1/4 of the original bin size. It's amazing how much bulk and weight is derived of castings and bedding.

It took us 28 hours to travel the distance by vehicle and the trip was NOT temperature controlled when we left triple digit weather in Oklahoma and into moderate temperatures in NC. They loved it in NC. While in NC I severely neglected the wormies while getting settled in but the temp and humidity in NC is nice. While many starved others were going strong and I began to rebuild the supply. (It was a rough move on everyone including the wormies.)

Then, we moved back to OKlahoma taking as many worms as I could pull out of the ground in NC, too. They're fine and a couple generations beyond those worms now.

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