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eric30February 26, 2010

I have wonderful news; my wife is letting me move the flow through bin inside. It is currently in a cold porch and hasn't done much since autumn. The worms are still alive and the bin has been anywhere between partially frozen to cold for the last 4 months.

Ever since we moved to western PA to a one bedroom apt, we didn't have the room and she was weary about having the worms inside. Planting season is getting near and I have a dormant bin; something had to change. I convinced her to make it into a piece of corner furniture. covered in a table cloth and a table top in the living room with a plant and picture on top. I can't wait to see it come alive again when I bring it in.

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Corner furniture... that is hilarious! Great job convincing the wife though. lol


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Eric ... this is above and beyond for your wife. She's a 'keeper'!

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Yes, she is very understanding. She hates wiggly creatures. She just mentioned this morning that nobody else would put up with me.

I got her all buttered up yesterday over dinner. I made a turkey with gravy dinner and I swear it was the best I've ever made. She though so too and that she "never loved me more" so I popped the big question! Sometimes you have to be tricky in the world of worms! I bribed her with gravy!

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Oh my! What a Jane Austen or Shakespeare could do with this plot line! :]

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