Mango in bloom (Broward county)

gnappiDecember 19, 2010

WARNING! L-O-N-G post :-)

I have a mango tree that was here before I moved in 3 years ago. I guess it's 8-9 years old. My first year here it had a half dozen fruit on it, the next year it had 2 grow to half size then fall off, this past year it bloomed in the spring and the buds fell off. It has never been sick or had bugs attack it, and it grows new branches and has filled in (it's about 10' tall with an 8' wide canopy) nicely.

My last mango was self supporting other than giving it fish carcasses as fertilizer regularly so I'm in the dark as far as real care of them goes.

Anyway... Last fall I started fertilizing it with a mix I got from a fruit nursery and fish emulsion and added to the water that nature and sprinklers provide. I've sprayed as a prophylactic measure with Neem, and Copper also.

This morning (12/19/10) I noticed one branch with LOTS of buds on it when in previous years it didn't bloom until Feb or March.

Now my questions.

Can I keep these blooms on the tree if (when) it gets cold again?

Will the blooms die no matter what?

If they do abort, will it bloom again in the 1Q of next year?

Should I chop it down (shudder) and re-plant with a known species and start from scratch?

I REALLY want this tree to work out, but don't want an ornamental tree there, for that I can get a palm or flowering tree so any help you all can give would be appreciated.



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zands(10b Fl)

My guess is you will lose these too early buds and get new ones. Mangoes replace ruined buds up to a point.

I would not chop down a tree with such a head start. Get some good advice on making it produce. To hedge your bets you can always plant another mango now or in February or March. This tree is beyond its production years???...unlikely to me

If you get some fruits and post the photo here you will get some educated guesses about what mango variety it is

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