California Poppies

cynthianovakJanuary 5, 2013

Had some seeds and tossed them out last week. Have any of you had luck with them? Did I toss them out too soon?
thank you

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I did them for the first time last year. THEY DID GREAT!!! The other poppy seeds didn't do as good, I got plants but no blooms from them. Those were broadcast around Thanksgiving.

So I tossed all the seeds they produced as I pulled the spent plants at about the same time the larkspur were finishing up. (Juneish)

I tossed more seeds on Christmas Eve day. I put them in other areas so I would know how well last year's reseeded.
I only threw out California poppy and some double peony poppy seeds I found too late to plant last year.

I hope yours do as well as mine did.

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Thank You....That sounds goo to me. I planted Oriental poppies from a neighbor in the back yard, hope they do well too. Love 'em!

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I've done California Poppies for the last 3 years in my front sidewalk bed, and they reseed, and I also throw out some extras which I probably don't need to do. They are my favorite spring bloomer. You might need to thin them some when they start to sprout and grow or they will crowd everything and each other! As for when to throw/plant/sprinkle etc, I think fall is best. The earlier they sprout, and I have some sprouting now, the larger the plant get and more blooms you will have. I get lots of compliments when they bloom. Everybody wants to know what they are.

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Thanks Debndal
I tossed them over freshly planted tulips. I was worried that I put them out too early because the seed packet sayd 5-6 weeks before last frost. I should know better than to read those packets. They rarely apply to TX. Grins....and hope c

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