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equinoxequinoxMarch 18, 2010

Vermicomposting in round containers. Do the worms tend to congrigate on the edges of the container? Is it because the compost tends to dry out along the edges creating air conduits to refresh hard workng worms? Or is it just a bar and a hot place for worms to meet?

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I have round containers(can-o-worms)and it seems to me that they do Like the edges. But that's a very small sample.

Dave Nelson

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Mine congregate around the edges of square bins. I have no idea why.

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The Can of Worms even has the airholes evenly on the bottom. If your worms are doing the same thing, I can stop feeling guilty the middle of my container does not have enough air.

Maybe the plastic is like the smooth inside of egg shell. Or do they do the same in wood boxes?

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I have not really thought about that one. I just see them everywhere in the bins. (worm factory)

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