Adding mites to a new worm bin

Shaul(Israel)March 18, 2010

I'm in the process of setting up a new bin. My present bin has a healthy population of mites which I would prefer not to transfer to the new one. Anyone have any suggestions on how to move the worms without the mites?


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I feel your pain Shaul. I always, always get mites in my bins. I hate the little buggers.

One time when I harvested my worms I *washed* them.
I put some in a yogurt container, filled it with unchlorinated water. The worms settle to the bottom and the mites float to the top. Carefully poured off the water. Did this a few times to make sure I got as many mites as possible.

Good luck!

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I am going to try the coffee ground method since I go through a lot of coffee. Besides, worms like coffee anyways.

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What is the coffee ground method? My wife does not know I am keeping a couple worm bins in the spare bedroom. She might accept them but would not if she looked close and saw all the mites as well.....

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I need to know what the coffee ground method is too. No matter what, I always get them in one of my bins. I've even washed the worms too. Took all day once, and of course they hated it!


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Do a google on compost gnats. I have the same issue with gnats and thought that this was an idea worth trying.

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i don't think coffee grounds will work. i have a small indoor bin that is fed almost exclusively UCG, and it has plenty of mites. as some have noted, they are part of the composting community, and don't seem to bother the worms.

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