Excited that my expansion plan is working!

Worms4TracyMarch 13, 2012

Late last fall I started with a plan to expand my worm population - every time I harvested the compost with a 1/8" sifter, I took the leftover unprocessed chunky stuff (which was thick with cocoons) and put it into a new bin. I mixed brand new bedding with the unfinished compost mixture, and just waited. Three months later, I have six 40-quart bins that are chock full of worms and are consuming food at an amazing rate. They are now almost ready to harvest for compost, and I will use the leftovers to start new bins. Just wanted to share my delight with people who would appreciate my excitement.

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That's awesome. My worms aren't expanding that quickly at all. Of course I'm not trying to expand that fast either.

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Excellent Tracy! I know the excitement. I, too, have found that the little "casting balls" are filled with new hatch-lings. One night while harvesting I couldn't help notice how some parts of the castings were in a "ball" but there was no particular reason for them to be coagulated in such a fashion. There was no cardboard or unfinished compost. When I carefully opened the ball of castings I noticed very tiny white worms. Newborns! Now, I am careful to replace the little "casting balls", as I call them, knowing there are lots of little guys in there and they'll be juvies in a few weeks!

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ChickenCoupe: Are you sure they are white, no hint of pink at all? Hate to tell you this but if they are white, those are pot worms.

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