Put One Foot In Front of the Other

equinoxequinoxMarch 26, 2011

A few days ago I had put 4 inches of recently harvested very rough vermicompost into a never used for its intended purpose, uncovered, diaper pail, like a 5 gallon pail but twice as tall. I have stored vermicompost in it before. I intended to put the compost back on top of the flow through when the level had sunk down a bit. I heard some singing from the basement at midnight. Flicking on the lights I saw an 18 inch tall half inch thick line of worms making a perfectly straight B line for the top rim. They were about 5 inches away from the top. So no doubt one followed the other. I shooed them all back down. Night vision goggles and camera would be great to see just how they do it. Like tornado chasing except worm chasing.

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Wow- for worms to organize and execute a 'freedom march'- maybe we underestimate our little charges? Obviously more research needs to be done on worms. The assumption that with a nerve ganglion instead of a �proper� brain, worms would be severely restricted in what they could accomplish. I�m at a loss for an explanation of a group activity on this scale. �Amazing� is the best I can come up with!

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I looked through the archives for something I remembered reading here.


It's a dot com. I hope the moderator does not freak out.

The line was maybe so straight because they were trying to "maximise contact" as the article says.

I wonder if the same one stayed the leader of if the leaders dried out and the livelier, still moist followers then took the lead?

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Sounds like an experiment to me! :)

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