My New Discovery!

Andrew ScottDecember 9, 2010

While doing the regualr fruit tree inspections, looking for bugs, soil that needs water, pruning, or dead leaves, I got to my 'Day' avocado and I found INFLOS!

I didn't know that this was its bloom time and I didn't know that the buds appeared in clusters like that!

Now, are they self fertile or do I need to pollinate them? IF I have to pollinate them, when will be the best time to pollinate them.

My trees is getting big but not big enough to have a bunch of fruits. I don't know too much about this variety. It doesn't seem there is too much info on the internet. Mostly, I find nurseries that are selling this variety and all I get is the descriptions of the fruit.

Does anyone else grow this variety? I really need some help here. I have never had an avocado bloom before!

Thanks guys!


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Are you kidding!!!!!!?

I was told buy someone taht Avacado's can take years if ever to fruit in a pot, especially up here Andrew.

What kind is it? Is it a grafted? Do they really fruit?

If so, I want If so, congrats my friend!


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Andrew Scott

Hey Mike,
Did you get your package from me yet? Man, I hope so! I have not heard anything yet from you and that makes me VERY nervous!
Who ever told you that it can take an avocado years to fruit doesn't know what there talking about!!!
You have to buy a grafted tree and buy a dwarf. I bought mine from....LOGEES! What do you think of that?!
Byron picked it out because I got P.O. because they kept telling me for almost 3 months that it was on back order.
They have the 'Day' variety which is what I ordered.

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are you sure its a bud and not new growth?

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Andrew Scott

Hi Mango kush,
Now that it has been a couple days, the flower buds are developed. They should not take too much longer to open. That is why I need help ASAP! I don't know if I need to pollinate or if they will do it on there own.

I have read so much contradicting information on it. Some say that you have to pollinate them and some say they will do it but then they go into how some open up as male first and then go to female and also the other way around.

Is this not normally the blooming season? Maybe it is diffrent because there growing under the HPS in a room with average temps at 80 degrees?


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Just err on the safe side and take a small brush and start going from flower to flower...especially if there are clear cut male/female flowers. Or...on the flip side of the absolutely nothing and see what happens. You might sacrifice fruit but by hand pollinating first, you really won't know for sure if that bought you anything or not.

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Andrew Scott

HEy Jay,
Just the man I was looking for! Mango kush, I appreciate your help, but it is much easier to talk with someone that is also growing tropicals indoors.

Okay, how funny is that! Literally I just hung up the phone with Pine and the guy told me the same thing, so your advice was dead on. He told me not to concentrate on trying to I.D. the male/female flowers. He told me that both male and female flowers would be open at the same time. I told him that this is more about knowing that I can do it, not really fruit set, since my tree is still too small for any amount of fruit set.

I think what I will try is pollinating about half of them, and then leave the other half and see what fate brngs to them!

Thanks Jay! I really appreciate your input!

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I think I'd still let fate play it's own hand here. If I did anything at all, I would set an oscillating fan nearby blowing onto the plant as well as an occassional shaking. As far as doing the flowers themselves, I would not. If you do only a portion, clearly mark the flowers you messed with.

Is this the Holiday variety? Where did you receive this from? Any reason why this over Little Cado?

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Andrew Scott

Hi Jay,
This was my last purchase from Logees greenhouse. This variety is called 'Day'. IT is supposed to produce good quality green skinned fruits that are supposed to have flavor like the California varieties.

I chose this variety over Little cado because the fruit set and pollination are supposed to be higher. Well..that was what I was told. Supposedly, this variety will produce well without another cross pollinator. I know what your saying about letting fate play its own hand but I really want to know now if it will rewuire a second tree for cross pollination all though i havea feeling it wont really matter right now because the tree is still small. Wther I pollinate or not, the tree is still under 3ft tall and it may not try and set ANY fruits. I have not found hardly any decent information on this variety. I thinkI have only seen one other person here that tried t ogrow this variety and I think they lost it. I don't remember who it was but I know it was someone in Florida.

Logees has really screwed me before and t his order was the last straw for me. I always say that and thena few years go by and I try them again. This order was a terrible experience for me. When I ordered it, they had told me it was on back order, and would not be available for another month but they said I would be able to get it then. I was supposed to have my name on this waiting list and then that month went by and no news! I was really aggravated then. (I had an entire post on this experience on the citrus form. IF you ever get the time you should check it out. Logees actually has someomne that reads these posts. I say that because someone from there company read it and posted this response about how they were trying to do everything in there power to correct the situation. That was a crock! I ended up having toi wait a total of 2 months plus the week that I waited for it to get here. The head owner of the company, Byron Martin was finally told about the situation and he hand picked my avocado tree. Funny when they had told me that they had nothing to send to me! I was really P.O over the entire ordeal. My tree came in great shape and was bug free, however that has not always been the case with them. It is not un common for them to send plants that are obviously infested or plants that look like there on there last leg. That has happened before. another issue I used to have with them was that they would send out trees that were pruned at odd angels and totally deformed the tree.

Over priced, and not always good quality, these are the reasons I don't like to order from them! Hopefully Meyer Mike will comment on his experiences with Logees. IF you think I have had bad experiences, wait till you here what happened to him!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Andrew!
You've been missed! This is actually my first trip to this Forum.....
I didn't even know it was here ;)

I think there was some confusion about the fruiting of Avocado, regarding Mike's comments....

From a pit, it can take 10 years to get fruit - if the tree is able to fruit at all
and *if* the climate is correct. Most folks who start Avocados from seed will never see fruit.

Grafts are a whole different story ;)

There are some marginally hardy Avocados for my area, but they are thicker skinned, smaller,
and have a more nutty flavor than the large California Avocados with which many of us are familiar.

Any pics of your 'Day' tree?


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Josh!!!!!!!!! Good to see you! Thanks for clearing that up about Avacado's...By the way, I think a picture of yours from seed would look read nice posted here since it is a Tropical Fruiting Tree..It is so beautiful!
Do you think this forums is appropiate for pictures of out citrus too?
I can't wait to hear more from you here..Our friend Nancy is always here too. Hi Pug!
Have you seen her Mangos? I worry for her georgous trees..They are so pretty and she got so much fruit from them
Even Laura and Bo hang out here and many others we know..Hi Bo and Laura!

Laura, your Mango trees are pretty too..I can't wait to see them bare fruit...


The only way I will take in any plants from Logee's, in fact, just about any plant from anywhere is if I am there myself to inspect them with a magnifying glass and hit them with bug spray before they even get into my car..
I went to Logee's this past weekend to grab a few plants that you would just LOVE!!!They are so fragrant and I also looked for a Tangelo for you and saw none worth my money..They were much too expensive..They were pest free though..they do not spray any chemicals which many people love about them, which does open their greenhouses for pest's..But they also use natural control through natural predators and it seems to be doing the job for the ones that I saw anyway..
The plants that you buy there and the plants that they ship out are completely two different worlds! I found that out talking to Byron on Saturday...
Someday if they should decide to treat me poorly, I will let everyone in on what happened to me..
Right now the girl that works there on the weekends has been good to me to make up for the lack of importance I feel as a high paying customer when I deal with a few others there, and I have yet to order any plant through the mail from them again..
If so, it would be isolated for days until I am sure they are clean..The thing is, they are not the only place that has sent me digusting bug infested plants..
Now I make it a practice to do my ordering in the spring so they can sit outdoors to keep pest's from entering my flock of plants while I treat them before they ever see the light inside of my home.
I got this idea and learned to have this kind of patience from Josh..
It use to be that if I wanted a plant, I wanted it now, even if it meant sending it to me through the mail during the coldest days of the year..

I did get your package, and a million thank you's!! I will keep you in mind for that Tangelo come spring..promise..;-)
We sure got ourselves some beauties..


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Andrew Scott

Hi Josh,
I have been meaning to email you. I got fed up with the B.S. on the C and S forum, so I don't post there any longer! I will get a pic of my avocado 'Day' here soon. I am getting 2 boxes of brugmansia cuttings this week so when they get here, I have to get pics of them and I will take pics of the avocado.

How are your jades and citrus? I have seen a few pics on th C and S forum. I don't even post comments as I am not wanting any retaliation from that dumba** PG!

I would like to see pics of your avocado! I have never seen it before. How old is it? I have heard the same thing. I even heard that it can take longer if there potted. I appreciate that you cleared that up though.
I have not even had mine for a year yet and it is going to bloom!

Glad to hear you had a great trip and good to hear that they made up for there B.S.! Did they give you a credit or something? So how did Byron explain himself? I still don't have any respect for Logees. They thrive on the fact that there customers are not familiar with tropicals, so they feel they have the right to charge un real amounts for there TEENY TINY plants, especially there tropical fruit trees.

Mike, do you know that a long time ago I bought over a hundred dollars in plants and they arrived DEAD, and I NEVER got my money back and they wouldn't honor there credit that they sent to me!

I only order from them when I feel like I don't have a choice. That was the ONLY reason I ordered my 'Day' from them and I went thru such a hassle with them! Byron was also supposed to give me a call and I NEVER heard back from him. I didn't ask to speak to him, they offered to have him call me and I said that I would LOVE to offer him mt 2 cents!

Again, I felt the need to order that tangelo from them. Mike that was a nice gesture but you didn't have to!

I also have to say that I am ANGRY with Four Winds! How many weeks have gone by since I emailed them about there so called contest and no email back?? That makes me feel like I just wasted my time with them and maybe I shouldn't bother buying from them again either! I boasted about there awesome quality trees and you and I both know that together, we convinced others to buy from them, and why did I do that for them? It just really makes my blood boil!

Pine Island nursry is so much better than them, and I may just see if Potratz greenhouse in Erie can buy my Minneola when they are at the Tropical fruit expo. I think that it will be my best bet and I will get it at the prices in Florida and not have to pay a dime for shipping!
Yeah, I am going to call them again tomorrow or maybe just go and visit them. They are going to bring me back a 'Carrie' mango and again, I will get it for $25 or $30 and not pay a dime for shipping!

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How are you? Are you sure that Four Winds did not e-mail you? Every time a send them a message they always respond rather quickly..In fact, I never have a problem reaching anyone there in person, especially Kerri..

When you call their number, all you have to do is press 1 for Kerri, and wait a sec, then it will ring her..She usually answers..If not, I leave a message and they always get back to me..I don't understand...Double check your e-mail and let me know..

I will e-mail you privately further to see how things go..

What do you think of this stupid cold??? I am already tired of it...My electricity bill went up 40 dollars a month since I have been using my lights and my oil furnace goes on every 10 minutes..$$$$$$$$$$$$$..That is all I think
I guess the price I pay for lights keeping my plants happy is worth the sacrifice though..Thank God most my tropicals can grow in my plant room in the 60's..

I never heard of Pine Island nursery, or maybe I have..I think I ordered a palm tree from them way back, but it died..:-((
Are you kidding? A nursery that will bring you a Mango tree?? Not bad..

I will be getting one come summer...What do you recommend for our area? If I can't get the one you got then I will need to get one that has a good success rate at fruiting and staying small. Do they attract insects?

Have a great day and we shall chat soon..:-)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, guys!

Andrew, my Jades are hangin' in there....they've dropped a few of the lowest older leaves.
Part of that is my fault because I run them so dry in the winter. I don't mind, though.
They'll always grow more leaves from those old nodes.

I just re-potted a Jade obliqua the other day - I'll post the pics in a new Thread soon.

I hear you about the hassles at the C & S Forum. Some of the rudeness and lunacy there is first class.
No wonder my blood pressure is so high ;)

My Avocado is about two years old now. I keep pruning it down, so it's not very large.
I'm trying to force it to stay small with pruning.


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Andrew Scott

HEy Mike,
Sorry I have not posted here. I hate this freakin weather! We have had numerous snow storms all ready. Almost 12 and it is only December! The snow came so early I was not prepared. I didn't protect the roses the way I wanted too and I didn't protect my musa 'basjoo'. Darn it!!

For mango Mike, I swear, they are not like citrus at all! They seem to be pretty darn bug resistant. I don't think people in Florida and California have to worry about them. I will tell you that the sap can be an irritant.

I don't know if Pine Island sells Palms. Maybe at there actual nursery but I have never seen them offered online.
You ahould really check them out. There mango trees are good priced and from what I have heard here, there trees are some of the best in Florida!
Pretty much, the condo types are what work best for us. You will still need to "pug" it. Meaning to prune it hard to keep it compact. You should check out some of Pug's postings on pugging her own trees. My buddy Jay coined that term. Another great guy. He has this huge awesome greenhouse(Huge to you and I)that he grows all kinds of stuff in.

Hello Josh,
Glad to hear that your jades are doing well. It is much more pain free for me to check with you saomewhere else. I am sure my own blood pressure sky rocketed really bad a couple times! Why didn't I listen to you about Norma? All it took was for me to defend myself against that B&tch Pirate Girl and she no longer wanted anything to do with me!

Why don't you join us on our mango journey Josh? Do you enjoy mango? I promise that there even easier to grow than citrus. If you have the room, you should try a condo type!

It was great to hear from you both and even better to see you guys here!


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I have a Day, Choquette and Monroe here in Stuart, FL. The Day is the absolute earliest fruiting avocado I have. I guess it was October when I got the fruit. Excellent little fruit, too. Very thin skin and pear shape with a neck on it. The Choquette and Monroe are fruiting now and the Day finished 2 or 3 months ago so I haven't had any avocados 'til now. Last week's cold snap made the fruit drop on these 2 trees so its raining avocados now. From seed, fruit will take twice as long to bear on a tree as it will on a grafted. And, yes, I personally know of a friend whose tree just fruited after 12 years (from seed).

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Andrew Scott

Hello Fruitloopy,
IS your friends avocado from seed that fruited in a pot or in the ground. For people like me who have to grow in pots, I think a seedling avoacado that fruits without the benefit of being grafted is really difficult, if not impossible!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Congratulations Andrew!!!

Love to see a picture of the blooms!! Sounds awesome that you have a blooming Avocado!!! Pretty work!!

I also wanted to tell you that I bought my Carrie And Glen Mango trees from Pine Island...they were very helpful and I was amazed with the way they shipped those trees..quite impressed...(almost as good as you!!)

Hello to Mike, Bo, Josh...Mango Kush, Jay and everyone else!!!

Merry Christmas everyone..and to some..Happy Holidays!!!

My Wizard is blooming under my T-5 Lights...I am so happy!!
With all of the rush of this time of the's nice to come home and see
a beautiful bloom...makes one very happy!!

Take care everyone!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Andrew,

I keep trying to post after yours on the Plumeria side...but this annoying pop up keeps getting in the way... I can't figure out what is going on over there!!

So I wanted to say hello...but I can't over there...

Come spring...your wish list will be smaller!!! : )

Take care everyone!!

Laura in VB

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