anyone care to share?

OklaMoniMarch 6, 2012

I have been without a bin for about 2 years, due to divorce and multiple times moving and presently in an apartment.

However, I am about to move in to my first ever all to myself house, and I want to have a working worm bin (got an empty rubbermaid bin in storage) again.

I used to be active on this forum, but lost all sight of lots of things during my transition time.

I am now ready to get some worms, and wonder if there is someone that wouldn't mind sharing some with me.

I live in Oklahoma City.


PS, I am linking some old worm pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: vermicompost/feeding time

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Hi Moni;
I'm in Cushing. Very poor, but I have worms. Not a bunch to spare, but if you're ever out this way give me a heads up before you do and I'll pack a few. They're reproducing like crazy right now. I already have two smaller bins started for two others and they're already swarming!


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bon, I replied to you via email.


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