Peat moss is anti- microbial

equinoxequinoxMarch 27, 2013

Perhaps if I am going to put peat moss or coconut coir (if transporting coir many miles is more environmentally sound) in my garden for my plants then I am not spending money on something for the worm bin if I run either of them through the bin first to get them charged with microbes. But then I read : "Peat moss is anti- microbial the last thing we want to use to help build healthy soils." Well I think I want microbial things happening in my worm bin. Maybe tons of peat moss is anti-microbial but a sprinkling is moisture retaining?

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Yeah, some (or more) times one cannot just take what one reads. It's almost like: eating can/will kill you. Just depends on what and how much.

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Not sure what you read so I hope I dont sound too stupid. I know peat is a lot slower to break down than other similarly structured organic matter. But it will break down. Isnt it microbial action that causes this? Coco breaks down even more slowly which makes it more desirable. I would think resistant to microbial action would be more accurate. Anyway I use both I would recommend either as you suggest for the water retention and structure. Just throw in some of the other goodies them microbes like. lol

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In a worm bin or back-yard compost bin, given enough time, everything eventually becomes compost. I threw in bacon fat cutting (VERY salty), dairy products that went way south, and other big no-no stuff, in time they disappeared and I still have lots of worms in the composter. I also threw into my worm bin left over oranges from juicing (pre-rotted until they are really soft all over) and the worms took residence in the orange halves and looked like they were having a good time. If it were bad for them, I'm sure nature would have told them not to go there.
So, with peat moss, once the bad stuff leached out, MO and worms will start processing it too, IMHO.

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